Holstein UK

Our mission is to be squarely at the heart of the dairy industry and as such our aim is to assist our members in breeding profitable, robust and productive dairy cattle.  

We are a member-owned organisation dedicated to innovation and quality and are driven to continuously improve the services we offer.

We are the parent of two subsidiary companies, The Cattle Information Service and National Bovine Data Centre.

The CIS is the UK's leading milk recording and health testing organisation operating a state-of-the-art laboratory.  

National Bovine Data Centre (NBDC) exists to develop industry-leading analysis of data for the improvement of dairy production in the UK.

Latest News

26 Apr 2017

Holstein UK Celebration Event

Holstein UK Celebration Event booking forms are now available to complete online

26 Apr 2017

Holstein UK Classification Data Delivered At Industry Conferences

Holstein Classification data is at the fore of research delivery at two industry conferences this week.

26 Apr 2017

AHDB stages calf rearing workshop at CCM Skipton

A well-attended calf rearing workshop led by AHDB Dairy was staged at Skipton Auction Mart alongside the same day’s Craven Dairy Auction and Yorkshire Holstein Club dairy show and sale, on Monday, April 24.



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