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Web Mate

Utilising your whole herd classification data, this all-singing, all-dancing new fully interactive web-mating tool now makes those mating decisions even easier. A host of new farmer inspired features have been added which include:

WebMate Logo
  • Easy navigation system, allowing you to save your choices at every stage automatically along the way

  • Includes the updated Bull Selector tool

  • The new program has a semen straw limiter so you can run WebMate with the exact number of straws you have in your tank and you have the ability to set your own level of straws/ pregnancy,giving you much better control of semen purchase requirements

  • The animals don’t even have to be classified- you can run the program on non-classified animals and youngstock

  • Inbreeding levels can be calculated for every mating

  • Set you breeding aim to exactly the type of cow you want to breed, and how much emphasis you would like to place on Type and Production

WebMate Login

Logging in couldn’t be easier
Simply jump on the website and click on the WebMate Logo wherever you see it & enter your Prefix & PIN (your Tel-­-Reg PIN number) You can even have a go with some ‘Demo Cows’if you aren’t a member, just choose to enter with Demo Cows on the login page!

WebMate has been trialled by a number of farmers, with Tim Gue of the Huddlestone herd commenting:

“The new WebMate is easy to use, and ensures the best matings with the semen in stock, you choose the type of cow you want to breed and let WebMate do the rest. Farmers know what sort of cows suit their farm, WebMate is totally independent and will choose the best matings to achieve those cows from current semen stock or allows you to see which of a group of bulls are best suited to your cows. The inbreeding indicator is going to be even more important in the future”

The program is easy to use, with Andrew Williams from Rhadyr Farms Ltd commenting:

“I found the new WebMate programme very functional and easy to use with straight forward and easy to understand instructions, I will definitely be using it as an essential tool in future breeding decisions and mating of our herd.”

If you have any questions about this free service for members, please contact


  • Anyone can try out the new WebMate by clicking on the ‘Enter With Demo Cows Here’ link on the WebMate login page via the Holstein UK website ( or use the QR code below

    Qr Code

  • The main drive of the development was to provide breeders with a free,unbiased breedingtool to take control back of those vital and often costly breeding decisions

  • WebMate was fully designed and built by the in-house Holstein UK Web Development team

  • Even if you don’t classify your cows, you can still use this state-of-the-art-program to calculate those all important inbreeding coefficients of potential matings

  • For further information, please contact Holstein