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Holstein Complete


A complete package designed to help achieve profitability by increasing productivity and decreasing costs.

Holstein UK members can build a personalised package from the following services:

Milk Management with CIS

  • Routine testing of all individual in milk cows for urea levels as well as butterfat, protein and SCC
  • SMS text message to your mobile when your results are available online
  • Paper reports sent by first class post and if required, a set of duplicate reports for on-farm use
  • Access to the award winning web-based ‘Your Herd’ to view results immediately, without software support charges. ‘Your Herd’ web service, is also available for use as a full management system for your herd
  • Electronic file links to update farm and vet software
  • Use the milk recording sample to asses or monitor Johnes, BVD, IBR and Lepto
  • Test monthly, 6 or 8 weekly with or without a recorder to take milk samples

For more information, please visit The CIS website

Cattle registrations

Holstein UK is the largest Breeder Society in Europe registering over 50% of the National Herd. Research conducted by CDI shows a significantly higher average value in Holstein UK Registered (Pedigree) cattle in comparison to Non-Registered (Non-Pedigree) cattle. In 2013 the average price of a Registered animal was £2000, whilst the average commercial animal around £1,400. With the ever increasing number of Bovine Tuberculosis cull cases, we are pleased to provide our members with the opportunity of increasing compensation through cattle registration.

In appreciation of frequent time and money constraints, we now offer a Fast Track Pedigree service to our CIS members. Holstein UK simply analyse your Milk Records to grade up your herd to pedigree status. Full Pedigree’s are available for just £7.50 plus VAT per cow.

For more information, please visit The Whole Herd Grade Up

Type Classifications

Type Classification is a service available to members to assist in breeding a trouble free, long living, high production cow. The assessment of 22 linear type traits to construe 4 composite scores and the analysis of 5 welfare traits has been proven to directly impact cattle productivity. In the past 5 years, there has been a 20% increase in classified cattle representing the direct link between breeding the right type of cow for your system and farm profitability.

We also offer a web based programme CLASSACT which allows you to analyse your classification data to decipher your herds’ strengths and weaknesses. More informed breeding decisions can be made so that general conformation and productivity of the entire herd can be improved. Members are also able to produce Sire Reports to see how well chosen bulls are performing in the herd. In addition, WEBMATE allows Type-Classifying members to request mating recommendations for different groups of animals by analysing which bulls to use with which females in order to breed animals that compliment the farming system.

For more information, please visit Type Classificastion Scheme

Or for more information, please call 01923 695 200