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Date of birth: 5/6/2009
EarTag: UK202223700776 (F)
DNA: W125908
Sire: JURUS ET KCAA BLF BYF CVF HCD0  60000768076721 EX90
Dam: FOXLEYFARM MANAGER MITZY PI ET 01000011213276 GP80   
Production PTA
UK PTA PTA2014  (12/19) 
Prod Rlb% Milk Fat kg Ptn kg Fat % Ptn % PLI PLI Rlb%
48  375  8.6  -0.07  -0.05  151  38 
Registered Progeny
HB Number Name Sire DOB
0112114625  FOXLEYFARM AZURE MITZY  F73 COGENT AZURE 29/07/2011 
This cow has 1 progeny recorded with Holstein UK
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