Agriscot 2017 Results
Starting in: 22 Days 13 Hours

Judge: Peter Prior and Jonny Cousar

Red & White Champion Heifer: Eastford Atomium Kiwi Red
Red & White Reserve Champion Heifer: Brocklehill Aramni Honey

Holstein Champion Heifer: Sterndale AS Rae
Holstein Reserve Champion Heifer: Tregibby Atwood Geraldine

Super Heifer: Eastford Atomium Kiwi Red
Reserve Super Heifer: Sterndale AS Rae

Red & White Champion Cow: Sterndale Alchemy Noel Red
Red & White Reserve Champion Cow: Parkend Director Starlet Red

Holstein Champion Cow: Icow Huddlesford Rosann 899
Holstein Reserve Champion Cow: Overside Allemar Amanda

Super Cow: Icow Huddlesford Rosann 899


Red & White Heifer

1. Eastford Atomium Kiwi Red (Atomium), Eastford Holsteins
2. Brocklehill Armani Honey (Armani), J & K Rennie
3. Morwick Ruth 160 (Van De Peul), D A Howie & Sons

Holstein Junior Heifer

1. Sterndale AS Rae (Aftershock), W J Nadin & Co
2. Tregibby Atwood Geraldine (Atwood), A H Wilson & Son
3. Evening Seaver Mischief (Seaver), Evening Holsteins
4. Overside Zeber Emerald (Zeber), W W Neilson
5. Parkend Atwood Starlet (Atwood), B Weatherup
6. Stair Admirer Bertha 2 (Admirer), J Kennedy Ltd

Holstein Senior Heifer

1. Nethervalley Turbo Glauco Sara (Glauco), Scott & Laird
2. Lynholme Brokaw Amyly (Brokaw), P D & B S Lawrence
3. Northshields Fever Gilberta (Fever), J & I Wilson
4. Parkend Mincio Tiffany (Mincio), B Weatherup
5. Highgro Steady Crocus 2 (Steady), J & I Wilson
6. Huddlesford Atwood Promis (Atwood), T H Cope & Son
7. Ingleview Atwood Zandra (Atwood), R & E Butterfield

Red & White Junior Cow

1. Drointon JJF Promis (Flash Red), Drointon Holsteins
2. Muir Lochinvar Dewberry (Lochinvar), W & A Muir
3. Nethervalley Savard Emma Red (Savard Red), R & M Scott
4. Syke Barbie Rox Red (Barbwire Red), Drointon Holsteins
5. Brederode Stephania (Stefan), M Callander

Red & White Senior Cow

1. Sterndale Alchemy Noel Red (Alchemy), W J Nadin & Co
2. Parkend Director Starlet Red (Director Red), B Weatherup
3. Morwick Classic Princess Red (Classic), D A Howie & Sons
4. West Mossgiel Miss Modern (Aramis), G G Baynes & Sons

Holstein Junior Cow

1. Praire Saloon Lustre (Saloon), A H Wilson & Son
2. Peak Dorcy Fran (Dorcy), Y Bradbury
3. Ingleview Rebel Roxie (Rebel), R & E Butterfield
4. Blythbridge Amazing Mhairi (AltaAmazing), Laird Farming Company
5. Ingleden Goldfish Galilee (Goldfish), Williamson

Holstein Senior Cow

1. Icow Huddlesford Rosann 899 (Bradnick), Huddlesford & Icow
2. Overside Allemar Amanda (Allemar), W W Neilson
3. Newbirks Jazz 1584 (Lavanguard), R & E Butterfield
4. Logan Goldsun Bella 2 (Goldsun), B G Yates & Son
5. Sterndale Snow Wyn Rae (Snowman), W J Nadin & Co
6. Cardi Goldfish Jeanie (Goldfish), M Bryson
7. Overside Lauthority Amanda (Lauthority), W W Neilson

Holstein Mature Cow

1. Illens Atwood Australia (Atwood), Laird Faming Company
2. Warnelview Winners Silverwings (Winners), W Stead & S Sutton
3. Wormanby Atwood Linda (Atwood), H, M & D Hodgson
4. Sterndale Snow Rae (Snowman), W J Nadin & Co



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