The Dairy Show 2017 Results
Starting in: 22 Days 13 Hours

Judge: Mr David Hodgson

Senior and Interbreed Champion: Noremead Baxter Kansas
Reserve Senior Champion: Gatrog Bolton Jingles
Heifer Champion: Moorshard Pepper Marie
Reserve Heifer Champion: Cramar Blazing A Cutes

Heifer (3) 

1. Tregibby GW Avis (Windbrook), A H Wilson & Son
2. Wyndford Mincio Peggy (Mincio), R & B Thomas
3. Hoops Ivory 1014 (Eclipse), J G & S G Ley

Heifer In-Calf (4)

1. Tregibby Pirate Meg (Pirate), A H Wilson & Son 
2. Noremead Glauco Marbella (Glauco), C Huins
3. Hoops Judy 164 (Elias), J G & S G Ley
4. Noremead Fever Helena (Fever), K Evans

Junior Heifer (4)

1. Cramar Blazing A Cutes ( Atwood), D Phillips
2. Tregibby Doorman Avis (Doorman), A H Wilson & Son
3. Gatrog Deman Roxy (Deman), E & C Thomas
4. Hoops Ivory 977 (Twist), J G & S G Ley

Senior Heifer (4)

1. Moorshard Pepper Marie (Pepper), R K & S G Miller
2. Absolute Erle Grey (Snowmaster), Designer Holsteins
3. Hoops Bloom 116 (Boy O Boy), J G & S G Ley
4. Holmead Daryl Skylerae (Daryl), Panda Holsteins

Junior Cow (6)

1. Noremead Baxter Kansas (Baxter), E & C Thomas
2. Racewood Fernand Jane (Fernand), P & S Harris
3. Gatrog Nickalodean Pansy (Nickalodean), E & C Thomas
4. Allways Star 56 (Zelgadis), R A & S A Reed
5. Moorshard Doorman Lydia (Doorman), R K & S G Miller
6. Hoops Clover 105 (Nonu), J G & S G Ley

Intermediate Cow (5)

1. Holmead Rustler Model Red (Rustler Red), R T & M S Cox
2. Topfarm Seaver Beatexus (Seaver), B & E Yates
3. Hoops Harley Anna (Harley), J G & S G Ley
4. Hoops Ivory 891 (Crisscross), J G & S G Ley
5. Holmead Lakota Tessie (Lakota), Pegasus Holsteins

Senior Cow (3)

1. Gatrog Bolton Jingles (Bolton), E & C Thomas
2. Easthaugh Audrey 70 (Amazement), Designer Holsteins
3. Hoops Trintje Red 34 (Crisscross), J G & S G Ley

Pair of Animals (3)

1. E & C Thomas
2. R K & S G Miller
3. J G & S G Ley

Rules & Regulations

Showing Rules

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Standard Agreement Between Owners & Fitters

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