The Dairy Show 2019 Results
Starting in: 22 Days 13 Hours

Judge: Mr Andrew Dennison


Champion: Nextgen Gold Chip Vanessa

Reserve Champion: Davlea Goldsun Raven


Heifer in Milk Champion and Reserve Interbreed Heifer in Milk: Chedhunt Cinderdoor Rach


Maiden Heifer (5)

1st Designer Doorman Audrey (Doorman), Designer Holsteins
2nd Valebrook Saloon Tina (Saloon), A J Langley & Son
3rd Valebrook Upright Briony (Upright), A J Langley & Son
4th Rockset Flame Sensation (Flame), A J Limond
5th Larchwood Deman Ambrosia (Deman), J & S Jones


Senior Heifer in Milk (5)
1st Designer Brady Pledge (Brady), Designer Holsteins 
2nd Starlet Celyn Brady Mahala (Brady), J & S Jones
3rd Valebrook Kingpin Rose (Kingpin), A J Langley & Son
4th Widdenham Fitz Bella (Fitz), K Evans
5th Toravlley Super Miss Scarlett Red (Superpoll), R J Norman


Junior Heifer in Milk (5)
1st Chedhunt Cinderdoor Rach (Cinderdoor), Chedhunt Holsteins
2nd Heavenly Solo Knockout (Solomon), Designer Holsteins
3rd Boxbrook Fitz Lustre (Fitz), A Gregory
4th Lilylane Drummer Orchid (Drummer), Lilylane Farms Ltd
5th Beaconhill Kingpin Paula (Kingpin), O Reed


Junior Cow (3)

1st Peridot Mogul Savoire Fare (Mogul), R Reed
2nd Chequers Diego Ebony 3 (Diego), C Jones
3rd Boxbrook McCutchen Lustre (McCutchen), A Gregory


Intermediate Cow (3)
1st Nextgen Gold Chip Vanessa (Gold Chip), Chedhunt & Nextgen Holsteins
2nd Davlea Goldsun Raven (Goldsun), B L Davies & Son
3rd Maesyrafon G Jordan Sharon (Jordan), Llewellin family


Senior Cow (2)
1st Treetop Alection Vanessa (Alection), Chedhunt Holsteins
2nd Clarby Amazing Pansy (AltaAmazing), Llewellin family


Pairs (3)
1st Chedhunt & Nextgen Holsteins
2nd Llewellin family
3rd A Gregory


Holstein Calf Classes


Champion Calf: Beaconhill Solomon Annie

Reserve Champion Calf: Beaconhill Fitz Harriet 


Holstein Calf born on or after 1st Jan 2019

1st Beaconhill Solomon Annie (Solomon), O Reed

2nd Clevian Chief Gold (Chief), V Limond

3rd Chedhunt Victor Primrose (Victor), Chedhunt Holsteins

4th Kingspool President Glorious (President), P E King

5th Boxbrook King Doc Carly (King Doc), A Gregory


Holstein Calf born from 1st Oct 2018 to 31 Dec 2018

1st Beaconhill Fitz Harriet (Fitz), O Reed

2nd Valebrook Saloon Rebecca (Saloon), A J Langley & Son

3rd Valebrook Allclass Jessica (Allclass), A J Langley & Son

4th Boxbrook Chief Carly (Chief), A Gregory

5th Clevian Fitz Pressie (Fitz), A J Limond


Holstein Calf born 1st Jul 2018 to 30th Sep 2018

1st Valebrook Upright Abigail (Upright), A J Langley & Son

2nd Foxy Absolute Jasmine Red (Absolute Red), S Dawes

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