UK Dairy Day 2017 Show Results
Starting in: 22 Days 13 Hours

Judge: Brian Miller

Junior Two-Year-Old In-Milk (8)

1. Sterndale AS Rae (Aftershock), W J Nadin
2. Rocca-DG Abricot (Sid), Firstlook & Jackpot Holsteins
3 & BU. Woodhey Hello Kitty (Lineman), Woodhey Dairy Ltd
4. Tregibby Doorman Avis (Doorman), A H Wilson
5. Davlea Durbin Wattle 2 (Durbin), B L Davies & Son
6. Rhydygors Dreamweaver Julian (Dreamweaver), A H Wilson
7. Wyndford Brokaw Mrs Melody 6 (Brokaw), T H Roberts & Sons
8. Panda Blackmagic Fools Gold (Sid), Panda Holsteins

Intermediate Two-Year-Old In-Milk (5)

1 & BU. Knowlesmere Alf Suzie (Alf), Andrew & Jane Whittaker
2. Clonpaddin Brokaw Fame (Brokaw), Isobel & Gary Jones
3. Sterndale Gras Papoose (Mardi Gras), J L Miles & Son
4. Newbirks Blueblood 927 (Bookem), A Lawson & Son
5. Nextgen Gold Chip Vanessa (Gold Chip), J H House

Senior Two-Year-Old In-Milk (11)

1 & BU. Littlebridge Goldchip Honey (Gold Chip), J L Miles
2. Firstlook Dreamy Ricki (Golden Dreams), Firstlook & Jones Holsteins
3. Jessyd2cou (Atwood), Blythbridge Holsteins
4. Riverdane Ashlyns Gold (Gold Chip), Evening Hill Farm Limited
5. Carldanton Brokaw Adeen (Brokaw), Riverdane Holsteins/Carldanton Holsteins
6. Huddlesford Atwood Promis (Atwood), Huddlesford Holsteins
7. Thevalley Sid Amazement (Sid), Isobel & Gary Jones, Andrew & Jane Whittaker & The Valley
8. Wormanby McCutchen Linda (McCutchen), Wormanby Farms
9. Sahara Gold Chip Barbie (Gold Chip), Sahara Holsteins/D W & C E Jones
10. Wormanby Mogul Ruby (Mogul), Wormanby Farms
11. Absolute Erle Grey (Snowmaster), Designer Holsteins

Red & White Heifer In-Milk (2)

1. Eastford Atomium Kiwi Red (Atomium), B Yates & Son
2. Arbennig Destry Scarlet Red (Destry), R Williams

Red & White Heifer Championship

Champion: Eastford Atomium Kiwi Red
Reserve: Arbennig Destry Scarlet Red (Destry), R Williams

Heifer Championship

Champion: Littlebridge Goldchip Honey
Reserve: Sterndale AS Rae
Honourable Mention: Firstlook Dreamy Ricki

Junior Three-Year-Old In-Milk (6)

1 & BU. Knoxtown Bradnick Memory (Bradnick), D W & C E Jones
2. Riverdane Springsteen Explode (Explode), Riverdane Holsteins
3. Davlea Goldsun Lotto (Goldsun), B L Davies & Son
4. Meinel Goldfish Rintje (Goldfish), D W Jones
5. Wormanby Atwood Mahala (Atwood), Wormanby Farms
6. Wheatenbread Paprika Poppy (Paprika), Oncoland Ltd

Senior Three-Year-Old In-Milk (8)

1 & BU. Davlea Lauthority Hiawatha (Lauthority), B L Davies & Son
2. Riverdane EX Rosabel (Explode), Riverdane Holsteins
3. Davlea Lauthority Lulu (Lauthority), B L Davies & Son
4. Peak Dorcy Fran (Dorcy), Y K Bradbury
5. Riverdane Explode Beauty (Explode), Riverdane Holsteins
6. Coxongreen Mogul Zindra (Mogul), T H Roberts & Sons
7. Wormanby Destry Olga 52 (Destry), Wormanby Farms
8. My Aaliyah (Dempsey), Woodhey Dairy Ltd

Four-Year-Old In-Milk (10)

1 & BU. Icow Huddlesford Rosann 899 (Bradnick), Icow & Huddlesford Holsteins
2. Warnelview Cup Irene 2 (Stanleycup), Evening Hill Farm Limited
3. Newbirks Lauthority Caye (Lauthority), A Lawson & Son
4. Evening Stanleycup Jennifer (Stanleycup), Evening Hill Farm Limited
5. My Arianna (Goldday), Woodhey Dairy Ltd
6. Treetop Alection Vanessa (Alection), J H House
7. My Abba (Artes), Woodhey Dairy Ltd
8. Onco Richman Alison (Richman), Oncoland Ltd
9. Newtonmoss Alchemy Noreen (Alchemy), W J Fisher
10. Ashlea Atwood Lavender (Atwood), Panda Holsteins

Five-Year-Old In-Milk (6)

1 & BU. Logan Sid Edie (Sid), Brian Yates & Son
2. Easthaugh Audrey 70 (Amazement), Designer Holsteins & L G Brigham
3. Curscombe Windbrook Joy 89 (Windbrook), C R J Bishop
4. Penrikka Dempsey Inka 2 (Dempsey), D W & C E Jones
5. Moorshard Windbrook Alicia (Windbrook), B L Davies & Son
6. Hennikers Reflex Buffy (Reflex), T & M Warren

Mature Cow In-Milk (3)

1 & BU. Illens Atwood Australia (Atwood), Blythbridge Holsteins
2. Feizor Knowledge S Melody 3 (Knowledge), S & A Morley & Wormanby Farms
3. Riverdane Talented Rose (Talent), Riverdane Holsteins

Red & White Cow In-Milk (8)

1 & BU. Wiltor Chipper Rosie Polled Red (Chipper-P), D W & C E Jones
2. Knowlesmere Destry Dream Red (Destry Dream Red), Andrew & Jane Whittaker & Brent Crothers
3. Sterndale Alchemy Noel Red (Alchemy), W J Nadin
4. Sterndale Ladd Airy Red (Ladd P-Red), Lynne & Mike Robertson
5. Arbennig Adventure Molli (Adventure Red), Rhys Williams
6. Holmead Rustler Model Red (Rustler Red), R T & M S Cox
7. Cuthill Towers Classic Sarah (Classic), A & S Lawrie
8. Holmead Rustler Roxy Red 2 (Rustler Red), Nowell & Norman

Senior Championship

Champion: Illens Atwood Australia
Reserve Champion: Icow Huddlesford Rosann 899
Honourable Mention: Littlebridge Goldchip Honey


Interbreed Championship

Champion: Illens Atwood Australia
Reserve Champion: Swaites Bright Spark 5
Honourable Mention: Bluegrass Vindications Harp


Interbreed Pairs

Champion: Illens Atwood Australia and Icow Huddlesford Rosann 899
Reserve Champion: Swaites Bright Spark 5 and Swaites Dainty 11
Honourable Mention: Bluesgrass Vindications Harp and Tregibby Tequila Panama

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