Premier Pedigree Herd Award

The Premier Pedigree Herd Award is designed to reward herds achieving the best breeding status.

To enable the Pedigree Awards to be associated with existing local herd competitions, each club will nominate a single herd to represent it in this category. Nominations will be entirely at the discretion of the club on the basis of qualification standards and rules provided to club secretaries.

Holstein UK have scheduled regional judging by one of seven out of region judges nominated by the Society’s Trustee, allowing nominations to be based on local club competition success if desired.  The seven regional Pedigree Award winners will then be visited by a single, nationally appointed judge at the same time of day within a pre-arranged two week period to determine the national award winner and runners-up.

Qualifying Criteria:

- All animals must be 90% UK bred (01, 12, 20 breed code) The winner from the year before cannot enter the year after.

- A herd is only eligible to enter for one region.


Eastern - Boclair, David & John Brewster

Western - Hawksmoor, R J & H Clare

Honourable Mention
Eastern - Corringham, Messrs Winter

Regional winners

Scotland - Boclair, David & John Brewster

Northern Ireland - Simlahill, N McCann

Eastern - Corringham, Messrs Winter

Western - Hawksmoor, R J & H Clare

Northern - Aireburn, G B Moorhouse

Southern - Oakroyal, Mr Dennis Smith

Welsh - Waliswood, W P & E G Williams



Eastern - Whinchat, A C Birkle

Southern - Oakroyal, D J Smith 

Honourable Mention
Welsh - Lan, R D H & M Bowen 

Regional Winners

Northern - Stardale, J Burrow & Son

Northern Ireland - Relough, R McLean & Sons

Scottish - Boclair, J Brewster

Western - Hawksmoor, R J Clare & Partners