Superior Production (SP) Award

Holstein UK Superior Production (SP) Award

The Superior Production award can only be awarded once in an animal’s lifetime. This is an award for the quality of the lactation and looks at how much fat and protein is in the milk and the production index figure. The current qualification standard is a 305-day lactation with a combined weight of fat and protein (CFP) of 700kg for heifers and 800kg for cows and a minimum production index of 105.

The qualifying standards are set out below:

Heifer lactation 700 kg CFP Minimum production index 105

Other lactation 800 kg CFP Minimum production index 105

Alternatively, an animal achieving a production index of 115 will also qualify for the SP award. 

Please note that only the first qualifying lactation will be designated SP, there will be no facility to apply for a succession of SP awards for an animal.

Applying for Superior Performer Awards

Members can apply for this award either individually or automatically, and it will appear after the cow’s name on all Holstein UK certificates and online as SP.

Automatic scheme:

· Awards will be issued automatically to those herds which join the automatic scheme.
· This means that when the Society receives the milk records from your milk recording authority they are checked for eligibility and the awards are made accordingly. No individual certificates will be issued but you will receive a summary sheet each month of your animals that have qualified.
· A charge of £1.13 (plus VAT as appropriate) will be invoiced for each SP made.

Manual scheme:

· Members may apply manually for the SP awards, but these will be subject to a fee of £1.13 (plus VAT as appropriate) to cover additional administration.
· If you would like to join the automatic SP scheme, please contact membership services on 01923 695200 or email
· Please note that applications can only be accepted from members who have a direct debit arrangement with the Society.