Bickleygate Holsteins



Bickleygate Holsteins are located within the North Yorkshire Moors National park in the North East of England.

The herd is bred and managed for efficient milk production.

Type and longevity are important traits required for such an operation and our aim is to breed and sell the type of animal that can look good and last within a modern dairy set up.

The cows are housed during the winter on grass silage fed along side concentrates in and out of parlour.During the summer months we aspire to make maximum use of grazed grass.

We have recently started to breed for the naturally polled gene.
We feel that there are many benefits from not having to de horn calves and that in the future it will be an important factor in many peoples breeding programs.


DP & FM Day & Son

New Sheepfold Farm, Ingleby Greenhow, Great Ayton

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