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ET Registration – What you need to know.

  1.  Make sure you are given a copy of the Embryo Registration form (ET1) at the time of flushing. Holstein UK should also have received a copy from the ET Company. You will need to have the ET1 number when you register the calf.
  2.  All Donor Dams need to have a DNA test: if the dam has not already been DNA tested we will send out a DNA kit, so that the animal can be sampled, as near as possible to the time of flushing. It is the responsibility of the member to ensure that all ET donor dams are DNA tested. Please be aware that if the ET donor dam has died and has she has not been DNA tested, the ET calf will not be eligible for registration.
  3.  When an ET calf is registered, you will be asked for the ET1 number and the recipient dam’s ear tag number.   If the ET calf has been born from an imported embryo please state that the embryo was imported.
  4. 4.     If more than one sire has been used in the flushing, all sires must be quoted on the ET1 form. All calves will need to be DNA parentage checked.
  5. 5.     If you are applying for a passport only for an ET calf, you must inform us that the calf is an ET and quote the recipient dam’s ear tag number and the donor dam’s ear tag number.
  6. An ET2 form needs to be completed and sent to the Society when the embryo has been thawed and implanted, sold, destroyed, or the recipient dam is sold to a new owner, or the embryo has been exported.
  7. If an embryo is jointly owned, the name, address and prefix of all members should be quoted on the ET1 form. If the recipient dam is jointly owned, the name, address and prefix of all members should be quoted on the ET2 form.


Imported Embryo


We require a certificate of embryo identification, a DNA profile for the donor dam together with her three generation pedigree, a three generation pedigree of the sire and his DNA profile, which should be sent to Holstein UK by the importer of the embryos. When the embryos are implanted into recipient dams in the UK, an ET2 form needs to be completed and sent to Holstein UK.


Parentage Check


From 1st January 2011 all ET calves need to be parentage checked by DNA testing before they can be registered. ET calves should be registered by Telephone or Internet within the normal time limits and a DNA kit will be sent to the member. When the DNA results have been received, the calf will be registered. Members must complete the DNA test within three months of the date of registration, otherwise a £50 suspense late fee is incurred. If the ET paperwork has not been received in our office, the ET calf cannot be registered.