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North East Club Annual Calf Show

September saw the North Eastern Holstein Club’s annual calf show in conjunction with the Yorkshire Holstein club and North East’s Ayrshire, Jersey, Guernsey and Shorthorn clubs . The event, held at the York Auction centre, was very well attended, the Judges did a fantastic job and credit should go to everyone for turning their calves out to such a high standard.  Thanks to the judges, Duncan Hunter, for judging the handling classes, Micheal Lawrence, for judging the Holstein classes and Tom Saxby, who judged the coloured breeds classes. Thanks also to Bernard Liddle for stewarding all day, and  Val Brown and Sue Scriven for organising the show.

Results for the North East Holstein Club are as follows:

Handling class


1st William Jarvis

2nd Florence Jarvis

3rd Beatrice Jarvis



1st Thomas Atkinson

2nd Lucy Atkinson

3rd Gayle Robinson



1st Anna Goldie

2nd James Robinson

3rd Lizzie Bradley



1st Lizzie James

2nd Rachel Goldie

3rd Jess Hurren


Champion: Lizzie James

Reserve: Anna Goldie


Calf classes

Born after 11/2/17

1st Langpark Thorjet (R&S Bradley)

2nd Salcrest shocked queen (S Liddle)


Born between 11/12/17-10/2/17

1st Wiskemanor Picasso Alison Red (T D Goldie & son)

2nd Wiskemanor Zeber Iris (T D Goldie & son)

3rd Salcrest Good Luasine (S Liddle)


Born between 11/10/16 – 10/12/16

1st Langpark Topsy 13 (R&S Bradley)

2nd Langpark Kinston 386 (R&S Bradley)


Born between 11/8/16 – 10/10/16

1st Littlebridge Goldwyn Sonya (J L Miles & son)

2nd Littlebridge Atwood Chancel (J L Miles & son)

3rd Langpark Byjet (R&S Bradley)


Born between 11/6/16 – 10/8/16

1st Wiskemanor Rooster Alison Red (T D Goldie & son)

2nd Wiskemanor Zelgadis Papoose (T D Goldie & son)


Born between 1/4/16 – 10/6/16

1st Cushathill Mincio Tory 4 (J&G Robinson)

2nd Wiskemanor Zeber Hazel (T D Goldie & son)


Champion: Littlebridge Goldwyn Sonya

Reserve: Littlebridge Atwood Chancel


Good luck to all 1st placed handlers and calves who have qualified for the All Britain All Breeds Calf Show weekend at Malvern on 13th- 15th October.