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Yorkshire Holstein Club

The Yorkshire club calf show now moved to a new venue at York Auction Centre and was held on September 17th, results were:

Junior handler winner Isabelle Lee, Intermediate Handler Stella Chapman, Senior Handler winner and Champion Handler Ben Coates, 2nd Lydia Griffiths, 3rd Bethan Waller Mature Handler winner Sally Howarth, 2nd Zoe Coates, 3rd Frances Griffiths Handling judge was Mr. D Hunter

Calf classes: February calf winner Leasbeck Doorman Krystal – S Howarth. December calf winner Winton Silver Rox – PJ Waring & Son. October calf winner Coachgate Contast Alidus – JR & JR Griffiths. August calf winner Coachgate Google A Strawberry – JR & JE Griffths. June calf winner Manorhaven CF Corrine – S & S Wood. Unfortunately no April calf entered. Champion Calf was Coachgate Contrast Allidus, reserve Leasbeck Doorman Krystal, HM Coachgate Google A Strawberry. Calf judge was Mr. M Lawrence. (Lynholme)


The club would like to congratulate the Moorhouse family’s Aireburn Herd being Northern Region winners of the Premier Herd competition.