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Isle of Man Club Calf Show results


Champion: Robin Masson
Reserve: Robin Masson

1. Finn Collister & Ross Buayle
2. Alec Masson 


1. Jake Phair
2. Rhian Masson 


1. Robin Masson
2. Tara Masson 


1. Kayleigh Masson

Calf Classes
Champion: Cairbre Superpoll Diane
Reserve: Sandash Silver Nellie
HM: Cairbre Superpoll Connie Red 

Born on or after 11th February

1. Cairbre Mesdoor Nellie
2. Sandash Silver Nellie
3. Arbory Flame May 2 

Born between 11th December and 10th February

1. Cairbre Star Maggie
2. Cairbre Doorman Arabian 2 

Born between 11th October and 10th December

1. Sandash Flame Lulu

Born between 11th August and 10th October

1. Cairbre Superpoll Diane
2. Cairbre Superpoll Connie Red 

Born between 1st April and 10th June

1. Sandash High Octane Lark
2. Sandash Pirate Lark 

Red and White Holstein

1. Cairbre Superpoll Connie Red

Vicky Sloane