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Whats New?

Holstein UK Website has been given a new look for 2011. The website continues to have all the functionality of the old site and has a few extra features to improve your interaction with the website.

The top menu has changed slightly and will now look like the image below (Figure 1). There is also breadcrumb navigation for easy navigation of the site. If you cant find anything you are looking for please try the sitemap page for an overview of the sections and sub-sections of the website.
Figure 1

Please try hovering over the events diary dates on the homepage and news items in the news page. There is now preview information available for a quick glance, this is hoped to increase the speed in which the user can scan through information on the site.

This ability to scan information quickly is a theme we have introduced to the animal data section too. We have optimized the speeds of searches and top animal listings as much as possible bearing in-mind the millions of animals we have in our databases. We have also introduced mini-factsheets for quick scanning of information in the top animal listings (Figure 2).

Figure 2

One other feature you may notice on the search page is the “My Recent Factsheets” tab (Figure 3) this is a quick link back to the animal factsheets and ancestries that you have recently viewed. The most viewed factsheet tab shows most viewed by all web users in the last month.

Figure 3

The content has been reviewed and updated and will continue to be reviewed so that we can provide the best, most relevant information to our users.

We want users of the website to drive future changes and so have set up a questionnaire to begin to gather this feedback. We value our members and users and want to hear your views and opinions on Holstein UK’s website.
Please return completed questionnaires to