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04-12-2015 - The December Proofs Have Confirmed TAG-UK’s Strong Debut in August

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De-Su Ransom holds his place in the top five daughter proven sires now ranking number three, he has yielded a little for milk which has improved his fat and protein percentages further, he has also improved management traits with breed leading scores of 0.7 lifespan and 10.9 fertility index, Ransom also improved his feet and leg score to 2.46. Ransom is the number one ranked son of Robust on the PLI list and coming from a Ramos dam makes him a little different.
One of the big winners in the stud is Filiale Oman Spiderman improving his PLI by £135, he is a Man Oman son from an EX91 Shottle dam that traces in to the Glen Drummond Shower family. Spiderman offers a good protein lift and great management traits with 6.3 Fertility index plus lifespan and a strong -14 somatic cell. Spiderman has a nicely balanced type proof without extremes.

Seagull-Bay Sargeant, improves his PLI, thanks mainly to an improvement in fertility to 9.2, this in combination with 927kgs milk and type merit at 2.46, makes him a bull worth a second look. His black daughters are winning much acclaim worldwide, his first UK daughters will be calving in this winter.

Mr. Donnalyn Millennium, McCutchen*Toys Hero confirms his high type scores of 3.43 type merit, he gains much appeal with his high type and no Goldwyn in his pedigree which traces back to Ronelee Outside Dabble EX.
 Millennium is not just about type he offers high milk at 761kg plus 2.2 Fertility and the benefit of A2/A2.
Millennium is available as Sexedultra semen

Mr. Alphagen Dagon is another high type A2/A2 bull within the stud, Dagon offers 3.25 type merit he is among the very highest Genomic sires for feet & legs at 2.99, this is backed by £379 PLI and 6.9 fertility. Dagon is a Mogul son from a VG89 Domain daughter who hails from the best line of the Raven family.

Ransom son Double Eagle Ransm Kobra offers many of the appealing traits of his sire with 7.3 fertility, good improvements in fat and protein percentages and 0.4 lifespan.
Kobra offers somewhat higher type at 2.74, Kobra comes from an Explode dam backed by a Judd making him an easy to use sire, Kobra is also available Sexedultra semen.

Mr. America Pageant is a very interesting bull, he is a Cashmoney son from a VG87 Robust daughter of the legend that is Ammon-Peachy Shauna EX90.
Pageant stands on his own merit with £599 PLI outstanding fat and Protein percentages, high management and 2.98 type merit, he is another bull with Sexedultra semen available.

View-Home Missouri, Day*Robust*Zenith is a bull that is causing a stir with the quality of his calves and young heifers.
Missouri has a rare combination of high milk 842kg 6.1 fertility and udders 2.37.
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