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21-12-2015 - British Cattle Conference - ‘The Business of Cattle Breeding’ A Conflicting or Complementary Route?

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The British Cattle Conference is an annual event where papers are presented by leading scientists, breeders, industry specialists and veterinarians.  

The 2016 conference will take place from 18th – 20th January at the Telford Hotel & Golf Resort, Telford and will address the theme ‘The Business of Cattle Breeding’ A Conflicting or Complementary Route? 

Beef day speakers will include, David Alvis and Stuart Roberts on breeding beef profitably, Dr Donagh Berry and Dean Holroyd looking at genomics in beef, Kim Matthews and Billy O’Kane on improving terminal and maternal traits.  Dairy day speakers Gwyn Jones and Keith Davis on making a future in dairy farming, David Black and Stuart Rogers speaking on genetics, genomics and communications.  At the end of each day a panel of three session discussing ‘Breeding for TB Resistance’ with Marco Winters, Rex Ward and Den Leonard on beef day, and ‘Planning for Success’ with Ian Tremain, Dr Sophie Eaglen and Philip Metcalfe on dairy day.

The conference is a truly international occasion, providing a unique opportunity to meet other breeders, industry specialists and scientists in a warm and friendly environment.  

The British Cattle Conference is organised by the British Cattle Breeders Club, the full programme and booking details are now available at or you may contact the secretary Heidi Bradbury on 07966 032079 or

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