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It is well known that highly classified animals can be valued considerably more than their non-classified counterparts and, with this in mind, Holstein UK have developed a new and exciting web based programme to make better use of the information collected by the classifier.

Using ClassAct, specific strengths and weaknesses can be seen to allow more informed breeding decisions to be made so that the general conformation and productivity of the entire herd can be improved upon. To take advantage of this exciting new product simply visit the Holstein UK website and log on via the members area.


ClassAct - Members Homepage

All of the new ClassAct reports can be viewed by logging in to the members section.

ClassAct - Final Score Report

All classified cows and heifers in the herd are listed according to final score but can be re-ranked for each of the composite traits: Body Conformation, Dairy Strength, Mammary and Feet and Legs. This allows for simple detection of which traits are influencing overall animal performance. Details of first time Excellent/multiple Excellent animals can also be viewed, along with the number of generations of VG/EX of each animal.

ClassAct - Inspections by Classification

A simple overview of either the entire classified herd or just the current classification run is provided to determine the number and percentage of each classification range in the selected group of animals. This useful data provides a valuable indication of how the herd is performing at a glance.

ClassAct - Herd Inspection Analysis

The performance of the whole herd or selected groups within a herd can be easily viewed and compared to the national averages. Any ailments, whether beneficial or not, are highlighted for linear averages that are out with a desired range. This allows simple detection of which areas need improved upon or are performing well within a herd. Certain ranges e.g. the bottom 10% of heifers can be viewed to see which linear traits are proving to be detrimental to overall performance.

ClassAct - Your Herd Overview

At a glance, this graph quickly allows consideration of how the overall herd is performing and changing with time. Different age groups of animals can be selected and it can be seen how the average classification for each group has changed over past years.

ClassAct - Summary of Animal Inspections

The breakdowns of all of the linear scores leading to the final classification are listed for each animal. Although initially displayed according to final score, each of the linear traits can be re ranked to find out which animals perform best/worst for each trait.

ClassAct - Sire Report

This function allows the manipulation of data according to how sires used in the herd are performing. The strengths and weaknesses of each sire can be seen due to being able to re rank the sires according to each composite trait. It can also be seen how the performance of each sire changes with lactation.

ClassAct - Family Report

Similar to the sire report, this report allows detection of which families are most influential within a herd. By tracing back to a base cow, the performance of how certain families are performing in a herd can be easily analysed.