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Summary 2006

If you’re Irish come into the parlour


John Gribbon details what happened at AgriScot


With visitors coming from many countries and the judge from North America Agriscot is fast becoming an international event not to be missed. With its unique atmosphere, standard of cattle, great friendly rivalry between the north and south and the added invasion from across the water this event is a great credit to everyone involved.

The packed ringside with parties of over 20 from Sweden and Norway eagerly awaited our judge for the day Stephen Borland from Rapid Bay Jerseys in Quebec Canada to make his decisions.

First class of the day in the Holstein section was for junior heifers in milk and Andrew Hodge a long time supporter of the show led the way with Kilton Lady Dilly 174th. Judge Borland praised Dilly for her udder, dairy strength and openness and depth of rib over second placed Avenham Roy Companion from the Rawcliff / Bothwell team. With an advantage in chest width and wider rear udder she stood ahead of Ed Seatons very dairy and stylish Styche Lyster Sally yet another from this prolific family of show winners.

Senior heifers in milk saw many things similar to the juniors with Weeton Jackson the sire of the winner and the Almond / Tattyknuckle team going one better. Our judge was full of praise for Avenham Jackson Companion from the same female line as the second prize junior. Praising her for her frame, front-end power and better front teat placement this heifer that has been in milk for over a year led the way from the home bred Shaneal Champion Edda from the Millar family who had travelled all the way from Worcestershire. Edda had the edge for her dairyness and skin texture over third placed Almond Stormatic Avis yet another from the Paul Rawcliff team this time without the Irish connection.

The Agriscot format of judging then brought in all the first and second prize winners from all the three breeds on show and Stephen Borland then had the task of finding his breed champions before crowning the Super Interbreed Champion and the £1000 prize award.

The Holstein heifer championship was a battle of the Jackson’s and coming out on top was Avenham Jackson Companion described by our judge as having strength, a great udder with excellent teat placement. Being owned by an Englishman and an Irishman, bred by an Englishman and coming from Scotland Companion was the ideal winner of the red, white and blue rosette. Reserve Champion went to Kilton Lady Dilly from Andrew Hodge a true Scotsman but the heifer did come from south of the border !

With the lunch break giving the visitors the chance to visit the stands the afternoon was eagerly awaited for the mature section of the show. Ringside was now standing room only and the atmosphere electric for exhibitors and spectators.

First of the cow classes for judge Borland was the Junior cows in milk and leading the way was Andy MacKellar from Staffordshire with Drointon Leduc Brenda. Our judge described her as a handy winner with open rib and clean bone. Second was Howcommon Madge 13th from the Cousar family a cow with a recent win in Scotland behind her. Described as having an excellent udder, it was this and her length of neck that gave her the advantage over third placed Stardale Jed Roxie from the Barlow’s supporters of this show for many years.

Senior cows in milk saw some of the main contenders competing against one another and with some well known cows in the ring our judge Borland praised the standard of all. Leading the way from across the water was Alan Patterson with the Leduc daughter Herdstown Susette 64th making her ring debut. Judge Borland said it was her day in a close placing. Praising for her long clean dairy body, style and slightly higher in the rear udder Susette just edged out the Rawcliffe / Wolfendon entry Almond Silky Avis a cow well known on the show circuit. He credited Avis for her balance, depth of front and rear rib and fore udder over third placed Burnbrae Derry Topsy from the Wilson’s of Fife. Judge Borland also gave praise to his forth-placed cow from the Weatherups Lesmay Andori 81st saying she had one of the best dairy frames in the class.

Final class of the day saw the Mature cows in milk and this became the most tense of the day with the outcome changing at the last minute. Contesting the winning place were two cows with quite a show record with major awards during the last two years. Finally getting the nod was Ewefields Lucy 7th for the Harrison family from Crossrigg with the judge explaining in the closest placing of the day she was better in rear udder attachment. He also praised Lucy for her dairy frame and looking young for a seventh calved cow. Second and third places went to the longest travellers competing all the way from Essex and Middlesex. Second place went to Designer Holsteins pushing the winner all the way with Chalkfarm Jed Oranje 20th praised for her frame, strength of front end and udder. Third place went to Ian and Susan Howie with Newera Jed Veronesse another cow with great body conformation.

Final job of the day for Stephen Borland was the judging of the breed championships and the crowning of SUPERCOW 2006. The Holstein championship was eagerly awaited by the packed ringside with the winner still in the balance for many. After a long look judge Borland tapped forward Denis O’Neil with the Leduc daughter Herdstown Susette 64th with the Mackellar’s Drointon Leduc Brenda in reserve position.

Supercow finally went to Muir Royal Faith the worthy winner from arguably the best show of Ayrshire’s for many years.

With an excellent show finished the friendly rivalry between the exhibitors the atmosphere of Agriscot will be looked forward to in 2007. British bred bulls from the Weeton prefix winning three of the six classes a great achievement. Finally Alan Paterson with Herdstown Susette coming across the sea to win the Holstein classes to let all know THE IRISH WERE IN THE PARLOUR.