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Summary 2005

Sizzling Summer 2005

Respected cowman and auctioneer David Jones started the day with much admired cow Ingleview Charles Jane lifting the dry cow honours for 2004 Premier Pedigree Herd winners, the Butterfield’s. David described her as a long stylish mature cow and very eye catching, just beating Andrew Hodge’s Bricknell Progress Ethel.

In the first of two fantastic classes of heifers as David set out his stall for the day. “I’m looking for animals with that blend of dairyness and strength”, as he led off with Brian Yates’ Logan Outside Roxy, ably brought out by young Michael. Roxy took the lead over Hugh Neilson’s Overside Allen Bonita for her great head carriage, neck and shoulders, height and width and veination through the mammary.

Again with the senior heifers, David had little trouble finding a winner that matched his ideal criteria as the Steel family led off with Kepculloch Derry Darlene, another great dairy strength heifer who was praised for being higher and wider attached of her mammary and stronger through her front end than the day’s first entry from Brian Davidson and family. The Davidson’s heifer Boustead Millenium Freda was seriously on the money and this heifer looked every inch a milker.

In the Heifer Championship, our judge found the reasons he needed to award Champion to Logan Outside Roxy. Describing her as, “fantastic with a tremendous rump” he gave her the placing over Derry Darlene for more quality and veination through her fore udder

The second calver class brought out 11 high quality young cows. One cow that certainly was, courtesy of one Cameron Baty, was last year’s heifer champion Whinchat Gibson Lulu. This upstanding young cow has been getting better all year and David was very enthusiastic about her, praising her style, dairyness, outstanding rump and topline over the Davidson’s Brockafield Lee Lottie, a great herd cow, not extreme at all, but a cow that had a lot of admirers down the cattle lines over the four days

Third calvers and the Davidson clan brought out a cow who is now becoming a stalwart of the show ring, Renbank Wade Fiasco, who David regarded as an easy winner and he awarded her Best Udder. With her long frame and capacious yet youthful mammary, she was placed first over the Laird’s Llandbedr Shark Maud for her extra strength and power.

Altona Lea Rudolph Summer headed off a great class of mature cows with our judge describing her as, “a superb dairy cow with a tremendous width of muzzle, mobility and a great udder”. He favoured her over the daughter of the three times Champion Broker Emma, Blythbridge Integrity Gemma, for her length of body and beautiful udder.

In the prestigious Royal Highland Show Championship there was a tremendous line up of cows and judge David Jones moved swiftly to tap out Altona Lea Rudolph Summer as his Champion and Best Udder to rapturous applause. Whinchat Gibson Lulu took Reserve and Renbank Wade Fiasco was Honourable Mention, with a special mention for the exhibitor bred Champion Logan Outside Roxy.