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Summary 2007



With only Longfordhall from south of the border, the home country looked to have the monopoly of the prizes at this years Royal Highland show. The weather stayed fine for Mick Gould from the Woodmarsh prefix to choose his winners in a great entry of top class Holsteins. With a 10.30 start to the judging many of the packed ringside had been in the lines and come back with the same comments “Great show of cows with lots that could win”

In the first class of the day for maiden heifers our judge explained he had an easy winner from the Yates family with Logan Mr Sam Hope praised for her style, power and length of body. These reasons gave her the advantage over second placed Hilltower Classic Swan Red from the Lawrie team from Cuthill Towers. This heifer was preferred to Parkend Jacob Hope for her balance and strength behind the shoulder but our judge gave admired the silky skin and bone quality of his third placed heifer.

Long time supporter of this show Donald Laird with Cauldcoats Flip Veltma 2nd who judge Gould admired for her frame, depth of body and snugness of udder led cows in calf. Second place went to Bloomfield Leduc Lola exhibited by Robert Ballie for her texture of udder and youthful looks. Making a return to this show after many years Stewart Braid gained third place with Bridgemuir Jogger Avril praised by the judge for her power and body conformation.

Junior heifers in milk gave Mick Gould much more to think about with some top class heifers in contention for the red rosette and after long deliberation the Weatherups father and son team won the day with Lesmay Nanette 128th. Our judge explained this was an excellent class from top to bottom but the style; balance and best udder gave Nanette the advantage. Second place went to Alister Laird and son with Blythbridge Lee Natalie a heifer praised by judge Gould for rear udder and more correct in the rump than his third placed heifer. This was the Rawcliffe/Lawson entry Almondene Whitney, another top class heifer showing great dairy character open rib.

Senior heifers in milk were another top class with every exhibit of high quality right down the line. Showing style, excellent locomotion and width of rear udder, the homebred Errolston Lyster Rosette won the day for the conveyor belt of winners from Brian Davidson. Almond Holsteins went one better in this class gaining second place with Leachfield Stormatic Anjelica who judge Gould explained had more openness of rib in a close placing with Mayne Majik Beam from the Laird team.

Champion heifer of the day saw six top quality animals in the ring for our judge to tell the packed ringside the quality of all heifers on show in the classes had been top class. He explained it was a close decision before tapping out his winner Lesmay Nanette 128th with Brian Weatherup jnr on the halter. Her veination and spread of teat gave her a slight advantage over Errolston Lyster Rosette led by Craig Davidson.

First class of in milk cows saw the ring full of top class cows and the ringside watched Mick Gould our judge deliberate on the qualities of the contenders for the red ribbon. Finally he went for one of the Davidson’s duo Llydan Merchant Top Carol in a close placing, who he admired for her balance, depth of rib and cleaner in the brisket over the great udder on his second placed cow. This was the Rawcliffe/Lawson entry Almond Stormatic Avis who our judge praised for her exceptional mammary both front and rear. Her wide and high rear udder gave her the advantage over the other entry from Brian Davidson’s Nethervale Rubens Christine admired for her power and strength throughout. Commenting on the rest of this excellent class our judge said the quality of all the entries was first class and the classes just kept getting better.

Third calf cows was another close call between his top contenders and judge Gould said his winner with her great ring presence, frame, depth of body and slightly higher rear udder just had the advantage on the day. This was Alister Laird with Ardgairney Juror Placida with last years champion, the well-known Logan Outside Roxy from Brian Yates in a close second place. Roxy full of milk and showing great dairy character with beautiful bone quality had the edge over Longfordhall Storm Teresa, another top class cow from the South of the border herd of Liz Wolfenden.

Senior cows in milk saw four entries and what an advert for our breed with cows having had a large number of calves and all showing the ringside and public the health and longevity of the Holstein cow. Leading the way was Herdstown Rachel 388th shown by Paul Rawcliffe, an adopted Scotsman and jointly owned with Alan Patterson an Irishman making his mark big time at the major shows in Scotland. Judge Gould admired her balance, great frame and udder. Taking nothing away from the Andrew Wilson entry in second place Primo Windstar Eda was another excellent cow showing all the qualities of a senior cow with top class legs and feet, bone quality and another top-drawer udder. Third place went to Brockafield Lee Lottie who just keeps coming back year after year.

Finally came the climax of the Highland show with the weather staying dry for our judge Mick Gould to pick his champion of the day with a packed ringside still with their favourites in a line-up of fantastic animals. Praising all the cows in the ring he tapped out his senior cow, the 5th calved Herdstown Rachel 388th with his two 2nd calf young cows Lydan Merchant Carol and Almond Stormatic Avis in reserve and hon-mention. Giving his winner the advantage in number of calves, great dairy frame and excellent udder over his young cow.

Winning his first major show Paul Rawcliffe was on the halter and with the help of the Irish invader Alan Patterson teamed up with their jointly owned cow to pip the home team challenge led by Brian Davidson of Errolston. After a great atmosphere in the lines and at the evening celebrations we were left to wonder. After wins at Agriscot and now the Highland, when the next great cow from Herdstown will turn up from over the water.