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Upcoming shows

Here you can find a list of all of the upcoming shows for 2015. Most of the shows listed include classes of black and white dairy cattle shown under Holstein UK rules. Be sure to mark these dates in your calendar!

7th March 2015

UK Dairy Expo

1st - 2nd July 2015

Royal Norfolk Show

14th - 16th August 2015

HYB Weekend Rally (South & Wiltshire)

4th July 2015

Omagh Show

15th August 2015

The Minsterley Show

20th March 2015

Celtic Dairy Showcase

8th - 9th July

The Livestock Event

15th August 2015

Ashbourne Show

8th April 2015

Western Spring Show

10th - 12th July 2015

Kent County

16th August 2015

Mid- Somerset Show

2nd May 2015

190th Neilston Show

11th July 2015

Newport Show

4th May 2015 (Bank Holiday)

North Somerset Show

11th July 2015

Liskeard Show

20th August 2015

Denbigh & Flint Show

6th May 2015

Gold Cup Open Day

12th July 2015

Ashby Show

27th August 2015

Melpash Show

13th July 2015

Stithians Show

28th August 2015

The Bucks County Show

10th May 2015

Ayr County Show

14th - 16th July 2015

Great Yorkshire Show

30th - 31st August 2015

Edenbridge & Oxted Agricultural Show

13th - 15th May 2015

Balmoral Show

31st August 2015

Aylsham Show

16th May 2015

The Hadleigh Show

20th - 23rd July 2015

The Royal Welsh Show

6th September 2015

Bentham Agricultural Show

18th May 2015

Otley Agricultural Show

22nd July 2015

Driffield Show

8th - 9th September 2015

Dorset County Show

21st - 23rd May 2015

Devon County Show

26th July 2015

Totnes and District Show

10th September 2015

Westmorland County Show

23rd May 2015

Shropshire County Show

29th July 2015

Cardigan County Show

12th September 2015

Romsey Agricultural & Horse Show

1st August 2015

Oswestry & District Show

16th September 2015


27th - 28th May 2015

Staffordshire County Show

7th August 2015

Fishguard Show

22nd September 2015

Stokesley Show

27th - 28th May 2015

The Suffolk Show

7th - 8th August 2015

Royal Manx Agricultural Show

22nd - 23rd September

The Royal County of Berkshire Show

27th - 30th May 2015

Royal Bath & West

8th August 2015

Orkney Show

7th October 2015

The Dairy Show

30th May 2015

Lesmahagow Show

8th August 2015

Dalston Agricultural Show

16th - 18th October 2015

All Breeds All Britain Calf Show

4th - 6th June 2015

Royal Cornwall Show

11th August 2015

Lunesdale Agricultural

20th October 2015

Welsh Dairy Show

6th June 2015

Cumberland County Show

11th - 12th August 2015

The Anglesey Agricultural Show

22nd October 2015

Northern Expo

11th - 13th June 2015

South of England Agricultural Show

11th - 13th August 2015

Pembrokeshire County Show

18th November 2015


12th - 14th June 2015

Royal Three Counties Show

12th August 2015

Camelford Show

10th December 2015

Royal Ulster Winter Fair

18th - 21st June

Royal Highland Show

12th August 2015

Ashover Show

29th July 2015

Nantwich Show

23rd - 24th June 2015

Cheshire County Show

12th August 2015

Bute Agricultural Show

24th - 25th June 2015

Lincolnshire Show

14th August 2015

The Dunster Show

30th May 2016

Surrey County Show

28th June 2015

Derbyshire County Show