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Holstein UK Services - Award Specification

Lifetime Producers (LP)

Lifetime yields:

LP50 50,000 kg milk 1,600 kg ptn 1,850 kg fat
LP60 60,000 kg milk 1,920 kg ptn 2,220 kg fat
LP70 70,000 kg milk 2,240 kg ptn 2,590 kg fat
LP80 80,000 kg milk 2,560 kg ptn 2,960 kg fat
LP90 90,000 kg milk 2,880 kg ptn 3,330 kg fat
LP100 (Gold Ribbon) 100,000 kg milk

· And at intervals of 10,000 kg of milk up to 180,000 kg of milk .
· The owner of a cow which is awarded the Gold Ribbon will be presented with a certificate.

Superior Performer (SP)

Superior Performers

Heifer lactation 700 kg CFP minimum production index 105
Other lactation 800 kg CFP minimum production index 105

· Alternatively an animal achieving a production index of 115 will also qualify for the SP award.
· Please note that only the first qualifying lactation will be designated SP, there will be no facility to apply for a succession of SP awards for an animal.

How to apply for LP and SP awards

Automatic scheme:

· Awards will be issued automatically to those herds which join the automatic scheme.
· This means that when the Society receives the milk records from your milk recording authority they are checked for eligibility and the awards are made accordingly.
· No individual certificates will be issued but you will receive a summary sheet each month of your animals that have qualified.
· A charge of £1.13 (plus VAT as appropriate) will be invoiced for each LP and SP made.

Manual scheme:

· Members may apply manually for the LP and SP awards, but these will be subject to a fee of £1.13 (plus VAT as appropriate) to cover additional administration.
· If you would like to join the automatic LP and SP scheme, please contact membership services 01923 695200 or email
· Please note that applications can only be accepted from members who have a direct debit arrangement with the Society.

Star Brood Cow

Minimum compulsory standard: Three progeny classified Good Plus or better and three progeny with a production index of 100 or above. It is not necessary that the same progeny qualify for both sections. A son can be substituted for a daughter’s qualification of 100 PI, providing he has a positive PTA for combined fat and protein at a reliability of at least 50%.

Pointing structure:

· A qualifying female will receive one star for every eight points achieved by her progeny.
· All historical TCS schemes may be used but only one to count in the award


Female Classification Male Classification Male Type Merit (min 65% Rel)
GP 1 pt GP 1 pt TM 1.50 3 pts
VG 3 pts VG 3 pts TM 1.75 4 pts
EX 6 pts EX 3 pts TM 2.0 5 pts
Multiple EX 1 pt per E     TM 2.5 6 pts
        TM points doubled if Rel > 85%


Production Index (any lactation) Lifetime Production Male Production PTA
100 - 109 1 pt LP(50) 1 pt 50-69% Rel (+ve CFP) 3 pts
110 - 119 2 pts LP(60) 2 pts 70-80% Rel (+ve CFP) 4 pts
120 - 129 3 pts LP(70) 3 pts 81%+ Rel (+ve CFP) 5 pts
130 - 139 4 pts LP(80) 4 pts 1 pt per 10kgs CFP (at 70%+ Rel)
140 + 5 pts LP(90) 5 pts    
SP record 3 pts LP(100) 6 pts