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Holstein UK Services - Whole Herd Grade Up

All animals must be verified by either milk records returned with the ancestry forms to our office or by a field officer visiting a member to verify on farm records.

DEAD / LIVE ASR's are the first base animal to start a family because their dams cannot be identified. The sire however can be entered on their records if they can be verified.

DEAD ASR's will be registered by ear tag and line number date of birth if known . Only a sire can be added to their records if this can be verified, a certificate is not issued for these animals

LIVE ASR's are registered in their own right with a family name ear tag / line number and date of birth (if known), a sire can be added to their records if this can be verified. A certificate is not issued for these animals.

BSR's are progeny out of the above groups and would be registered with full details of the ear tag / date of birth / dam / sire details verified from milk records or on farm records.

FULL PEDIGREE animals will be registered out of BSR animals or other full pedigree animals, again the same procedure as for BSR registrations.

Registration Price List:

Animal Price (Excluding VAT)