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Master Breeder Award qualification standards

The award is calculated for all homebred full pedigree animals in the herd that have completed a 305 day lactation in the previous 12 months. Males are also included. The breeder is the owner of an animal at its date of birth. In the case of jointly-owned animals, points earned are determined by the animal’s prefix.

Qualifying animals must appear on the annual milk records report or any monthly milk records statement and all relevant individual cow record cards must be submitted to Scotsbridge House with these reports so that points earned can be calculated and/or verified.

An average of four points per qualifying animal across the herd is required to reach the Master Breeder standard and a minimum of 150 points is required. For example, a herd of 100 qualifying animals would need a minimum of 400 points.

Points are awarded as follows:


VG85-87 1 point
VG88-89 2 points
EX 3 points
Multiple EX 1 additional point for each
If an animal has completed at least four lactations
Cow classified VG an additional 1 point
Cow classified EX an additional 2 points
Female Production
Either one or other of the following production criteria may be used, not a combination of both. Points can be earned for all 305 day lactations completed by qualifying animals.
Weight of Fat and Protein
Second lactation and over
800 kgs F & P 1 point
900 kgs F & P 2 points
1000 kgs F & P 3 points
1100 kgs F & P 4 points
1200 kgs F & P and more 5 points
First lactation
700 kgs F & P 1 point
800 kgs F & P 2 points
900 kgs F & P 3 points
1000 kgs F & P 4 points
1100 kgs F & P and more 5 points
Production Index
115 and over 1 point
120 and over 2 points
125 and over 3 points
130 and over 4 points
135 and over 5 points
Lifetime Production
LP50 1 point
LP60 2 points
LP70 3 points
LP80 4 points
LP90 5 points
LP100 and over 6 points

Males cannot contribute more than 25% of the points required

VG 1 point
EX 2 points
Homebred Proven Sires
Type Merit
TM 1 or over 2 points
TM 1.5 or over 3 points
TM 2.0 or over 5 points
TM 2.5 or over 7 points
TM 3.0 or over 10 points
Weight of Fat & Protein (minimum 85% Reliability)
30 kgs CFP and over 2 points
35 kgs CFP and over 3 points
40 kgs CFP and over 5 points
45 kgs CFP and over 7 points
50 kgs CFP and over 10 points