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Holstein UK Services

Why Holsteins?

With dairy farming in the UK under continued downward financial pressure, milk producer numbers have fallen sharply over the past decade, from over 40,000 in the early 1990s to 23,000 in 2003.

However, we have seen a different picture at Holstein UK. Overall membership has held up proportionately well, still amounting to around 30% of UK milk producers, and the numbers of cattle registered has stabilised.

So why should this be? Our members tell us it is down to their awareness that every enterprise on the farm must pay its way, and the genetics of their dairy herd should be no exception.

By putting the genetics of the herd to work - by implementing a structured breeding programme - our members discover that they not only make more money from milk, but they also reduce their veterinary costs, lower their replacement rates and often have surplus stock to sell.

It is not a myth that that stock registered with Holstein UK is more productive and therefore more valuable. In 2004, cattle registered in our herd book had average milk production of 8,118kg, which is fully 15% higher than the national average of all milk-recorded herds. Registered cattle also have increasingly good conformation, reflecting the growing use of our type classification service. These better conformation cattle are proven to have longer life spans and more trouble-free lives with the UK average Lifespan currently at 3.2 lactations but, for classified cows, 3.4 lactations.

Becoming Pedigree

With good farm records, upgrading a herd to pedigree status is easy, Animals can be registered using their official ear tag identity; by phone (free phone) or the Internet. Using our advanced computer links, Holstein UK will also transfer information to BCMS at no additional cost, giving you one less thing to worry about.