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The November Borderway Monthly Dairy Day sale was a massive event with 41 vendors offering 343 head of dairy cattle with most breeds represented.  Buyers were recorded from 19 counties who witnessed a brisk trade top at £2300 to average £1639 for 131 freshly calved cows and heifers with 13 animals selling for or above £2000.

For the second consecutive month the Denwood family from Julian Holme, Seascale topped the trade, this time with a very classy heifer selling for £2300.  She was sired by Kellercrest Lancome and bred from a high producing Lavanguard dam.  In total 12 cows and heifers were sold from this home to average £1825.

There was a very strong trade for cows giving large volumes of milk with Messrs Cottam from Holmrook topping the cow trade at £2100 for a super uddered cow giving 42kg.  She was sired by Jeeves and bred from a dam with over 13000kgs.  The seven high producing cows from this home averaged £1742.

D Kennedy & Son from Chapelcroft,Lockmaben sold two heifers both with udders that flirted with perfection selling for £2120 and £2100 and sired by Shanael Elias & Ardnasalem Bookem Pride respectively.

The Workman family from Beeches Farm, Carlisle sold three very milky Montbeliarde heifers all giving over 30kg topping at £1800 for a daughter of Hypnos.   

R & A Slack, Cockley Bank, Brampton held the third sale to disperse their highly productive herd of Holsteins selling 21 freshly calved cows to average £1386 and topped at £1850 for a second calve cow sired by Emmark Mammoth. 

Brothers Steven & Stuart Roan owners of the Colvend and Kippford pedigree Holstein herds near Dalbeattie sold 25 quality in-calf heifers mostly due to calve in Decemeber.  Topping this attractive consignment was a daughter of Pen-Col Merrick at £1700 and bred from a dam with over 10000kgs with both the grand dam and third dam classified VG.  This well bred group averaged £1500.

The Foster family from Langside Farm, Galston sold 40 in-calf heifers from their highly efficient Holstein Friesian herd.  The heifers were mostly due in March and April with some due in June.  These heifers sold for less than excepted topping at £900 for a heifer due in February.


 One of the main attractions at the November Borderway Monthly Dairy Day sale was the dispersal sale of the Blakeley Holstein Friesian herd held on behalf of Joe and Robert Wilson who have farm close to the town of Staindrop in Co. Durham.

This was a super herd of square long lasting cows that milked exceptionally well on a mainly grass diet.  The herd average was 7000kgs with impressive components of 4.59% butterfat and 3.56% protein.    

Topping the trade at £2000 was a recently calved cow in her second lactation sired by Bradish Tournament giving 38kgs.  The milking heifers sold well topping at £1900 again for a daughter of Bradish Tournament giving 27kgs.  With just over a third of the herd selling for £1500 or more the overall average for the Blakeley milking herd was £1245.

The next dairy sale at Borderway takes place on Wednesday 22nd November and features 220 pedigree Holsteins in the Border & Lakeland Holstein club sale.  This sale includes the first sale to disperse the Deveronside Pedigree herd (153 selling) owned by the Mair family from Kinnermit Farm, Turriff, Aberdeenshire.  The catalogue for this sale can be viewed on line at www.harrisonandhetherington.co.uk or can be ordered from the Pedigree Office 01228 406230



20 Holstein Cows in milk                                             £1687.50

111 Holstein Heifers in milk                                        £1625.35

21 Cows in milk Cockleybank Dispersal                    £1386.66

66 Cows & heifers Blakeley Farm Dispersal              £1245.45

8 British Friesian Cows in milk                                    £1552.50

9 ¾ quarter & faulted cows in milk                              £978.88

25 In-Calf heifers Colvend & Kippford                        £1500.40

9 In-Calf heifers due March                                        £1280.33

40 In-calf & recently served heifers Langside            £731.30

31 Bulling heifers Blakeley Farm Dispersal                £707.96


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