Master Breeder Award Qualification Standards

Master Breeder rewards Holstein members whose herds achieve a high standard in both classification and production.

Cows and heifers in each herd are allocated points according to the criteria set out in the table below. Only animals carrying the member prefix and which are recorded as having produced a lactation within the last two years are eligible for inclusion in the calculation.

A herd achieving an average score of 4 points or more and a total points score of 150 or more, will qualify the member as a Master Breeder.

In order to apply, members should contact Darren Todd on 01923 695 275 or email or via membership services.

NB. Members will need to submit by email or post, a milk recording statement confirming the cows currently present in their herd at the time of application. Members are however, not required to calculate points for their animals themselves, as this will be carried out by a Holstein UK computer program.

Points are awarded as follows:


Points can be earned for all 305 day lactations completed by qualifying animals. Weight of Fat and Protein
Second lactation and over
First lactation
VG85-87 1 point
VG88-89 2 points
EX 3 points
Multiple EX 1 additional point for each
If an animal has completed at least four lactations  
Cow classified VG an additional 1 point
Cow classified EX an additional 2 points
Female Production  
800 kgs F & P 1 point
900 kgs F & P 2 points
1000 kgs F & P 3 points
1100 kgs F & P 4 points
1200 kgs F & P and more 5 points
700 kgs F & P 1 point
800 kgs F & P 2 points
900 kgs F & P 3 points
1000 kgs F & P 4 points
1100 kgs F & P and more 5 points
Lifetime Production  
LP50 1 point
LP60 2 points
LP70 3 points
LP80 4 points
LP90 5 points
LP100 and over 6 points