23 Aug 2016


77.3 Kgs Combined Fat & Protein places AOT Silver HELIX at the top of the Total Solids list in the UK, where he joins the growing list of breed leading bulls available from World Wide Sires.

AOT Silver Helix

A son of Seagull-Bay Silver from Supersire daughter,  COOKIECUTTER SUPERSIRE HAS (VG 87) …Helix is a total performance sire …Production, Management, Type.
Helix benefits from the presence in his pedigree of two Global Impact sires Mogul and Supersire whose reputations grow even greater on a daily basis.

Milk 1005 Kgs
Fat 43.6 Kgs, +0.04%
Protein 33.7 Kgs, +0.01%
Type 2.48
TPI 2701

Outstanding production with positive Fertility 2.1 and desirable linear profile.