07 Sep 2016

Canadian Colostrum Specialists offer new opportunity to Scottish Dairy Farmers

With great excitement, The Saskatoon Colostrum Company Ltd. (SCCL) and T.P. Niven Ltd. present a unique offer for the Scottish dairy industry.

Colostrum is the most important feed to provide newborn calves the energy, immunity and nutrition, crucial for surviving the first 24 hours and fighting disease pathogens. Colostrum management is characterised by: Quality, Quantity, Quickness, and Cleanliness. As colostrum is highly variable between cows, supplementing or replacing could be required to assure all elements are covered. This motivated the founders of SCCL in the early 90’s to develop academically proven methods for producing all natural colostrum replacers which are efficaci us, safe and consistent. SCCL’s products are globally integrated in colostrum management protocols and disease control programs as part of optimised calf rearing systems by assuring a robust start so calves reach their full potential.

With increasing demand for quality colostrum products in Europe, SCCL has taken action to offer a product that fits the European standards. Because of the TB free status of Scotland, the Scottish dairies are a perfect source for SCCL’s products. After a successful pilot with about 50 Scottish farms, the company is launching the scheme further across Scotland and are looking for more interested farmers in new areas. The process for donor farms is straightforward. Farms collect excess colostrum (after feeding their own calves and saving what they want for their own supply) in pails and chest freezers provided by SCCL. Pails are collected on an organised route professionally by their trusted logistics partner, T.P. Niven. Ltd. The little extra work involved is paid for by SCCL on a per pail basis.

With help of the Scottish Dairy Hub, SCCL was introduced to family- owned freight firm T.P. Niven Ltd. Being active as milk haulers since 1927, Niven is a well- known organisation in the Scottish dairy industry. Niven now takes care of all logistics, including farm recruitment, freezer installation and pail collection from the Scottish farms. Their Palletline service enables flexible routes in order to adapt collection frequency to different farm sizes and locations. This relationship allows the growth, required to keep up with the increasing demand for the final product: Calf’s Choice Total. 

Evine van Riemsdijk, International Projects Manager for SCCL explains: "We first met with Stuart Martin of the Scottish Dairy Hub in November 2014. It has been a long process to get to this stage, but the Scottish Dairy Hub has been supportive at all times. Stuart put us in touch with Nivens, who are now our partners in this project."
"We are now launching the scheme further across Scotland and are looking for interested farmers in Dumfries & Galloway, North Lanarkshire, South Lanarkshire, Scottish Borders, Mi lothian, East Lothian, West Lothian, Ayrshire. There is no minimum volume or period required, no contract. The Scottish dairy farmers taking part will get compensated for the collection, and help contribute to a new all-¬‐Scottish product for the UK dairy industry."
Jim Niven Managing Director T.P. Niven Ltd.: "We are delighted to be working with SCCL on this exciting new project in Scotland, the operation will enhance our current Palletline delivery network".

Farmers interested in colostrum collection can contact Niven or the Scottish Dairy Hub:
T.P. Niven Ltd.: John Whitelaw and John Carruthers: 01387¬‐811¬‐694
Scottish Dairy Hub: Stuart Martin, 07500766083, 03454755110 

Questions about colostrum management or interested in Calf’s Choice Total? Contact Evine van Riemsdijk: , 07976-¬183-¬120