20 Jan 2017

Cogent The Number One Choice For British Friesian Genetics

Mirroring Cogent’s strongest ever proof run in the Holstein breed is the success of the British Friesian selection. With over 10 number one titles sitting with the Cogent Range it is no surprise that Cogent is quickly becoming a household name for British Friesian Breeders and Commercial dairy producers looking to add a bit of fertility and durability to their herd.  

Kirkby Jupiter *NEW    - No.1 Proven Sire for Type+1.99
                                       - No.1 Proven sire for Lifespan +0.4
                                       - No.1 Proven sire for Mammary Improvement +2.12

Kirkby Paterson     - No.1 Proven sire for Milk +836 Kgs

Skyhigh Lord          - No.1 Proven sire for Calving Ease +3.1 

Goonhilly Joseph     - No.1 Genomic proven sire for PLI £394

Aintree Patrick         - No.1 Genomic sire for Type +1.73

Inch Number One     - No.1 Genomic sire for Combined Fat & Protein 32.1Kgs

As well as having the number One, Two and Three proven bulls for Leg and Feet Improvement and the Number One and Two for Locomotion.

‘We are pleased to add Kirkby Jupiter to our proven range of sires’ Says Richard Bostock, Cogent’s Dairy Sire Specialist. ‘He makes a great addition to Kirkby Premier who has been an extremely popular bull for us in the past 12 months. What makes Kirkby Jupiter so attractive is the fact that his pedigree offers something different being free from Blackisle Glen Albyn, Marshside Rocket Three and Tittenser Hylke bloodlines. Jupiter is a Red Carrier sire and his initial milking progeny have impressed me almost as much as they have their owners. They are deep bodied heifers with wide correct rumps and near perfect udders. I look forward to watching them develop into great cows.’ Concludes Richard.

Cogent are also proud to release full genomic proofs for popular young sires like Inch Number One, Inch Robert and Lismulligan Regal. These can be viewed at Cogent’s website or more information can be sought from the team on Freephone 0800 783 7258