07 Dec 2017

Mogul Sons and Grandsons Rise to the Top

New type merit sees Mogul sons and grandsons rise to the top in December 2017 Holstein ranking lists

Daughter proven sires

Mr Moviestar Mardi Gras (Mogul x Planet) moves to the top of the UK type rankings with +3.64 Type Merit at 91% reliability. Combining good mammary and Legs & feet scores with moderate stature and positive chest width, he only has minor deviations for rear leg side and teat length.

Next up is another Mogul son with a similar type profile, TW Goodwhone, at +3.40 TM. In third place is by Ladys-Manor Lamar (Grafeeti x Superstition) with +3.38 TM and next is Lone-Oak-Acres Altaroble, the third Mogul son in the top 5 at +3.35 TM.

Fifth ranking among daughter proven bulls is the Italian All.Nure Secretariat (Numero Uno x Baxter), with positive teat length contributing to his +3.30 overall TM at 69% reliability.

Another Numero Uno son with positive teal length is Relough Danumero, now the top UK bred daughter proven bull, at +2.70 TM (82% Rlb).  

Young genomic bulls

Stantons Applicable (Silver x McCutchen), the long standing leader among Young genomic bulls stays ahead of the pack at +3.35 TM (57% reliability). He is also the top Mammary bull in the breed at +3.84. Mogul grandson, Westcoast Lighthouse (AltaSpring x Distinction) is next up with +3.27 TM. The German bred Checkpoint (Commander x Meridian), another mogul grandson, is in third place at +3.20 TM. In fourth, and top UK bred bull, is Lissue Star (Galaxy x Jeeves) at +3.14 TM. The Top PLI bull in the breed, Mr Rubi-Agronaut, sees his Type Merit improve to +3.12, putting him in fifth among young genomic bulls on Type Merit.


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