07 Apr 2016

Flagship Heads The Fleet in April 2016 Holstein Lists

Genomic Sires
S-S-I 1STClass Flagship (Altafirstclass x Supersire) is the new standout £PLI Holstein bull in the April 2016 evaluation lists issued by Holstein UK. This young genomic sire boasts a massive +3.02 Type Merit (TM) with an excellent mammary and legs and feet score of +2.82 and +2.12 respectively. He is also the joint top bull with Sandy Valley-I Penmanship on PLI at £720.

Other high Type newcomers among the young genomic sires include Stantons Motivator (+3.69 TM), who settles into the top Type pack after leading the breed in the February interim genomic run. The Mogul son transmits exceptional mammary systems (+3.37) with high rear udders (+3.06) and snug fore udder attachments (+2.99). Peak AltaR8 (Camaro x Mogul) is another notable new entry with a hefty +3.57 TM.

Otherwise the top young genomic Type list remains stable with View-Home Albania still ahead of the pack with the top Type score in the breed of +3.89 TM.

The top UK bred Type sire remains the STE Odile Satisfaction son, Willsbro Abbott, at +3.7 TM, closely followed by Denmire Mesdoor (Goldwyn x Shottle) at +3.27 TM.

Daughter Proven Sires
Three interesting new proven sires join the ranks of the top UK and International TM bulls. JK Eder-I Control (Snowman x Bolton) comes in at number two with +3.34 TM, while Groves-VU S-R Marland (Shamrock x Mac) and Even-Par SHF Cannon (Robust x Alexander) also join the elite with +3.11 and +2.93 TM respectively.

De-Su McCutchen (+3.34 TM) takes over as the top proven sire on UK and International Type from Val-Bisson Doorman (Bookem x Shottle) who has quickly graduated to a UK Type proof with +2.95 TM, which places him joint top of the UK proven list alongside Sully Hart Meridian.

Another notable sire to achieve a UK proof for the first time is Chartoise Smurf (Snowman x Planet) at +2.82 TM. He transmits outstanding legs and feet (+2.99) and his production figures boasts +1121kg milk.

Heavenly Golden dreams remains the top UK bred proven bull with +2.99 TM closely followed by Willsbro Ash at +2.65 TM.

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