26 Oct 2017

Fontaine sires Red and White Champion.

Panda Fanta Fools Gold Red was crowned the red & white champion calf at this years All Breeds All Britain calf show. The judge complimented her for her overall balance, capacity and strength.

Her Breeder Molly Westwood of Panda Holsteins and who also works full-time for Mastergen says " I'm lucky enough to be able to work with the bulls, sell them to my customers and use them in my own breeding programme. Toc-Farm Fontaine was the perfect sire to use at the time on Panda Lexander Fools Gold Red EX92 (otherwise known as Lexy). The bull's production and balanced conformation traits; his mammary and rump scores attracted me to use him. I also love his pedigree; sired by Doorman - the World Dairy Expo premier junior black and white sire and from one of Canada's' best: the renowned Quality- BC Frantisco EX96-3E family."

There were several Fontaine daughters showing at this year's All Breeds All Britain calf show. Mastergen would like to congratulate all of the breeders and customers we have worked with and hope to continue the great success Mastergen bulls are breeding for the show ring!

Toc-Farm Fontaine is currently available at £15 for conventional and £32 for SexedULTRA. Further discounts are available on volume orders, when combining with other dairy or beef.

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