Genus ABS Dominate The Rankings In The April Sire Proof Run

Genus ABS is proud to announce the release of top Genomic PLI sire – ABS Outback

Genus ABS is delighted with one of the most exciting sire proof runs in recent years.  Holding true to their tagline; Profit from Genetic Progress, they are proud to release the joint Number One sire on the Genomic Profitable Life Index (PLI), ABS Outback, who has a PLI of £814.  Just below him at Number Two is ABS Crimson at £784.

“These chart topping sires are both sons of De-Su 13050 Spectre who himself was an extremely popular genomic sire” comments Larissa Jones, Dairy Product Manager for Genus ABS.  “ABS Outback is the perfect sire, being almost 800Kgs of milk, +10.1 Fertility Index and over +2.00 for UK Type Merit.  Component Specialist ABS Crimson comes in with over 80 Kg’s of combined Fat and Protein with added Fertility Index and functional type. With stock available to order today we expect them both to be very popular in the coming months,” concludes Larissa.  ABS Outback and ABS Crimson are both bred through the ABS female programme and both are part of the exclusive Icon sires programme designed to offer the highest levels of genetic progress to UK dairy farmers.

Making his debut into the Genus ABS Genomic line-up, which now averages £711 PLI, is Boghill Glamour Damian another son of a previous popular genomic sire - Seagull-Bay Jo Dancer.  Damian hails from a branch of the Larcrest C family that has dominated the UK PLI Heifer rankings for the past few proof runs. Damian delivers £723 PLI, +0.19% Fat and +0.06% Protein.

Genus ABS have also had a great day with their proven line up - De-Su 11236 Balisto increased his PLI again to £652, following gains in Fertility Index, SCC and Protein percentage in addition to adding over 200 UK milking daughters to his proof.

New additions to the Genus ABS proven line-up include: former Genomic sire Midas Touch Bullseye, who along with +10.4 Fertility Index offers double digit Fat improvement and a fantastic health and fitness package. Ardnasalem Bookem Pride also ticks a lot of boxes including Fertility at +10.8, Mastitis resistance and a fantastic balanced linear offering functional type all crowned with a Type Merit of +2.53.

Daughters of Ardnasalem Bookem Pride at Ballycairn Holsteins