Genus ABS dominates the Friesian rankings with its strongest ever line-up!

The Genus ABS Friesian stud has gone from strength to strength and is now home to six out of the top seven PLI sires in the UK.  Catlane Chad is the real star of show, his PLI of £410 makes him the highest scoring PLI Friesian bull of all time!

Bill Foster, Dairy Breeding Specialist expressed his delight at the performance of the Genus ABS Friesian stud: “We are delighted with how our Friesian bulls performed in the recent proof run.  I believe that the proof results provide a clear demonstration of our commitment to the on-going development of this breed within our stud.” 

Bill went on to provide the following commentary about the preeminent Genus ABS Friesian bulls:

“In his relatively short career, Catlane CHAD has already made a tremendous impact on the industry.  This proof-run his PLI hit new heights – at 410 points this makes him the number one PLI sire of all time and currently the second highest selling dairy sire of any breed in the UK.  With his outstanding scores for type (+1.1,) calving ease (+1.5) and Fertility Index (+1.8), Chad is natural choice for breeders looking for long-lasting and profitable cows.”

“Skyhigh PATROL is a bull that continues to impress me thanks to yet another comprehensive proof – this time based on 129 daughters from 34 herds.  Patrol combines great milk yields (+266kg), with a very good score on the Fertility Index (+3.1) and type merit (+1.4). He is bred from a seriously good cow family and his dam is none other than Blackisle Pauline 71 - one of the greatest cows in history of the Friesian breed.”

With an impressive PLI of £286, Deangate QUAICH makes it to number four on the overall rankings.  “The first daughters of Quaich are milking very well and producing great quality milk and low cell counts. Quaich is also proving himself to be a real calving ease sire.”

“Black GEM is a superb addition to our Friesian line-up. He’s enjoyed a particularly impressive first proof thanks to his high production.  His PLI of £297 and excellent component scores, place him at number three on the rankings.  I have also been very pleased with the first classification scores for his daughters - no surprise given his heritage.  He comes from three generations of excellent cows and his sire is Deangate Centurion - one of the most popular and best performing Friesian bulls in recent times.”

Bill concluded his commentary by highlighting the benefits of the Friesian breed:

 “As a breed, the Friesian cow should not be underestimated - the benefits of Friesian cows are extensive: they are extremely economical, consistently produce high quality milk and high lifetime yields.  They have exceptional daughter fertility and cows last longer than any other breed.  In the current climate where the bottom line is more important than ever, surely the most fertile breed in the world must be seriously considered, particularly for dairy farmers who are looking to maximise returns from grassland.”