03 Sep 2018

Holstein UK relaunches WebMate and BullSelector

Holstein UK is delighted to announce today, 31st August, the relaunch of its WebMate and Bull Selector web applications. The recent redevelopment of WebMate and Bull Selector was initiated with the primary goal of reducing the number of steps and creating a more user friendly and less time-consuming web app. Along with this, we have added female genomic data and given it a facelift with a fresher more up-to-date feel.

The apps run side by side with data exporting from Bull Selector directly into WebMate for a more seamless use. It contains new features such as a virtual semen flask and allows you to print, save and email your final WebMate results.

Through Bull Selector, you can find potential mating sires for your herd from the pool of AI bulls available in the UK. By selecting your preferred range of key genetic trait criteria, you will easily see which sires would be best suited to your breeding goals.

WebMate utilises both female classification and genomic evaluation data to create virtual matings with potential sires. Discover which bulls best match your females, in order breed the type of cows you want and at the same time minimise the risk of inbreeding.

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