Introducing Farnear BH 1st Grade

Top marks from 1st Grade!  He is an Alta1stClass Son, displaying an impressive proof! He’s in the top 3 genomic bulls for TM at 4.09 and mammary score of 4.1.

He offers a milky type cow (837kgs) combined with outstanding management traits. Daughters will be long lasting (+0.5 lifespan) fertile (+5.2) and combine both production with a touch of class!

Ian Venables TAG-UK sales manager ‘We are excited that we can offer 1stGrade who scores so highly for a young bull. This shows the quality of bulls we are able to source from TAG and offer it to the UK dairy Farmer. I can see 1stGrade being a popular choice due to his sire stack of Alta1stClass x McCutchen X Superstition. ‘

1stGrade is available as SexedUltra 4M from TAG-UK. Call the office 01606 869 253 to get this unique bull in your flask now.