Kirkby PREMIER, Better than ever following August evaluation release

The most complete British Friesian sire on the market, Kirkby PREMIER has never been better following the AHDB and Holstein UK evaluation run on Tuesday. PREMIER now sits at £332 PLI. “This is higher than he has ever been and now ranks him at no. 4 for PLI offering more Milk than any of the three sires above him.” Comments Richard Bostock, Cogent’s Dairy Sire Specialist.

But that’s not only where this great sire of sons excels. He is:

-    No.1 Fertility bull in the top 15 PLI sires (+6.8)
-    No.1 Leg and Feet improver in the top 10 PLI sires (+2.19) 
-    Available in Cogent Sexed Semen

On the Type front, PREMIER is nestled in at number two in the breed just behind Cogent’s other high profile proven sire Kirkby JUPITER. Who ranks at the top the rankings for type (+2.52) and also sits in at no. 3 PLI sire available (+£358). “JUPITER’S daughters are performing well against their contemporaries and are pleasing farmers up and down the country. Having seen about 40 of them now I would describe them as taller than your average Friesian, displaying great openness and angularity but the highlight of his progeny has to be the standard of mammary system they wear” concludes Richard.

Since the introduction of genomic proofs for Friesian sires 12 months ago, Goonhilly JOSEPH has sat proud at the top of the rankings, holding steady again for the fourth proof run in a row he now sits only £2 in PLI behind the current no.1 sire who is 12 months younger than him. Joseph had a great evaluation run seeing increases in Fertility and Type but also in his Fat percentage placing him at no.1 for Fat and Protein percentages. Stuart Boothman, UK Business manager for Cogent states “We are hearing the cry of not only our valued customers but also the dairy companies that they supply, Cogent are proud to supply sires that excel for milk quality including Goonhilly JOSEPH, Inch NUMBER ONE and proven sire Kirkby PREMIER. All of these sires are available to UK farmers as Cogent Sexed Semen. Our patented freezing method ensures the highest quality sexed product is offered with on average 12% more living cells than a standard straw of sexed semen.”

Our Morcourt Hilton son Aintree PENROD saw an increase in PLI of £81, leaving him now at £232 PLI. This was attributed to huge increases in fertility, components and lifespan leaving him a very attractive option for farmers looking to improve profitability of their herds. His brother Aintree PATRICK remains no. 1 genomic sire for Type.

Other highlights of the day included rises in the PLI’s of both Inch NUMBER ONE and Inch ROBERT following increases in Fertility and Calving ease as they both add even more calves to their already reliable calving ease figures.

All in all this proof run has re-affirmed Cogent’s place as the new place to go for the best Friesian genetics and follows on nicely from the latest Holstein UK Journal where out of five sires three were owned by Cogent and the other two had sons readily available at Cogent.