09 Dec 2016

New Animal Data system for Holstein

I’d like to thank everyone who has shared their feedback regarding the recent redevelopment of the Animal Data system.  

We appreciate and review each and every member’s opinion and feedback, and make changes where possible.
The Animal Data was redeveloped due to the slow demise of our old software platform which was becoming increasingly difficult to support and was in fact close to failing completely. 

Therefore, we decided to redevelop the animal data on a modern software platform before it became completely inaccessible for members. 

This meant that the development period did not affect the members use but also that returning to the old layout is not possible as we had some major structural changes we needed to make to the data itself.

We will continue to improve the current site with the help of members' feedback and proposed improvements.
Whilst rebuilding the Animal Data we ensured it was compatible with all devices. 

This means that as the screen size changes from desktop to tablet to mobile the layout alters to make best use of the screen space. 

During development, we kept the desktop layout as similar to the old layout as possible with only a few data placement changes being made.

I appreciate that nobody really enjoys change that much but we need to move forward and will continue to do so.

To give you some idea of the task the team here at HUK undertook when tackling this problem, we have over 14.5 million animals records in the system spread across five separate databases and with over 150000 lines of computer code making up the combined system.

In modern terms, we epitomise the idea of “big data” and our challenge is to provide that data to you in easily digestible formats.

Please continue to give your feedback, either through the website or directly to me at;

Kind regards

Peter Martin
Chief Operating Officer - Holstein Group