New stars expand the quality line-up at Cogent

Following the August proof run published by AHDB Dairy, Cogent Breeding has some fantastic new release sires to bolster an already abundant line up. With many bulls going up on PLI, Cogent have had an exceptional proof run.

“We are delighted with what we can now offer our customers in the UK, a combination of new and older bulls that are focused on profitability and complete market suitability” explains Andrew Holliday, Genetic Product Manager for Cogent. “With 29 bulls over £600 PLI, and 52 bulls over 2 for type, our strength in depth has never been better”

Leading new release sire, NH Sunview Fantastic makes his debut as one of the breeds leading siresat £730 PLI. With the UK market increasingly putting emphasis on milk quality, Fantastic looks set to be extremely popular as the number one fat percentage (+0.26%) sire in the top 25 PLI rankings, and the number one protein percentage (+0.13%) sire in the top 45 PLI rankings. In addition, Fantastic is also the breed leader for udder health with -37 SCC and -6 Mastitis resistance all with positive milking speed. 

NH Sunview Fantastic

The number one red sire in the breed, R DG Aladdin Red, is another new release that looks set to take the UK market by storm. At £622 PLI, 611kgs Milk and positive components, Aladdin Red is a powerhouse for production, with near perfect health traits and an exceptional type profile making him one of the most complete Red bulls the breed has ever seen. 

At £706 PLI, Cashflow son, Endco Supreme maintains his high ranking status, excelling for milk (791kgs), components (+0.02% Fat and +0.05% Protein) and health traits. Supreme is already one of the most popular Cogent sires available and that looks set to continue as we enter the busy autumn period. 

Proven sire, Mr Moviestar Mardi Gras, now has 95 milking daughters in the UK, with 88 included in his type proof and he is currently running at an amazing 97% GP or better.  Now with increased reliability, Mardi Gras excels for milk quality (+0.10% Fat and +0.04% Protein), fertility (10.8) and type merit (+2.51).

New release sire from supplier AI Total, Orion is another great addition to Cogents UK line up. Offering an exceptional balance of production, health traits and conformation, Orion is one of the most complete bulls available to UK customers. Sired by Afterburner, Orion will breed strength, width and exceptional udders, making him highly suitable for modern day farming environments.

For those looking for milk, look no further than Supershot and Eliott. Cogent Supershot, now fully proven,  has been in the limelight since he arrived on the global market, and today he looks like he further cements his place amongst the breeds best as he adds further milk (+1183kgs) to his proof.  DG Albero Eliott is a new release Wickham son that offers 1059kgs of milk with 75.1kgs of combined fat and protein.  Expect powerful cows with exceptional udders from a bull that not only excels on the UK base, but ranks well in the USA, Canada and a variety of other markets around the world.

“We are excited to offer bulls that can make such a big impact on farm profitability” comments Andrew. “Regardless of the farming system, we can tailor breeding plans accordingly, allowing for maximum genetic gain.”