12 Feb 2016

The New 600 + PLI Bulls and the Top Daughter Proven from

The latest new selection of high index Genomic Bulls and top ranked Daughter Proven Bulls will be available in the current brochure from

There is a lot of interest in the latest new additions which include Cayman PLI of £657. From the Classy cow family.

Cayman is a combination of Milk production + 447 Kgs, quality combination  +50.6 Kgs  and high management traits. 

The 2nd highest newcomer Jetstream PLI £655  from the highly respected Rolls Cow family will also be available as sexed semen. 

Cryptonite (Super x Bookem) will also have appeal PLI £617. A high health trait bull Longevity +0.5, Fertility +12.5 and a leader for cell count improvement at -29. Cryptonite is also available as sexed semen.

Mocon & Janitor both previously available, also achieve the 600 +  PLI status. Mocon is also Kappa Casein BB for farms on cheese contracts.

Bulls with higher reliability  in the top 10 are also featured. Erdman The No1 PLI and the only daughter proven bull above £600  + PLI has exceptional health traits at + 0.7  for lifespan makes Erdman an outstanding bull for longevity improvement.

Cabriolet now including his first daughters has exactly the same PLI score as his genomic data.

Omen a specialist for protein improvement completes the selection of latest bulls.

All bulls featured in our next brochure will  have positive scores for the new TB Advantage index.

Please contact freephone 0808 202 3230 or visit the website for further information.