The worlds No.1 PLI and GTPI Homozygous Polled sire

Cogent are delighted to launch a superstar onto the UK market, in the form of Mr Blondin Powerful PP POS RDC. As the first Homozygous polled bull in the Holstein breed to break the £600 PLI barrier, Powerful PP has single handily breached the genetic gap between polled and non polled animals.

With every calf born guaranteed to be polled, interest from polled and non polled breeders is already high.  At £611 PLI, Powerful PP is a clear leader in the breed, offering extreme fertility (10.6), high milk (636kgs), and functional type (2.33) that will deliver medium sized cows, with level rumps, and snug udders with longer than average teats.

On the Global market, Powerful PP also leads the way with 2550 GTPI and $709 Net Merit making him in huge demand as a sire of sons. 

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