Top bulls unchanged in the April 2017 Holstein and British Friesian ranking lists

Holstein young genomics bulls
Stantons Applicable maintains pole position in the Holstein type rankings of the April 2017 proof run, which saw genomic type scores expressed on a reduced scale. The Silver son boasts +3.85 overall Type Merit (TM) score, with stellar scores for udder traits in particular. Next up with +3.49 TM is Silveridge V Allclass (1stClass x Doorman) and in third place is Stantons Motivator (Mogul x Fork) at +3.41 TM. 

The top type UK bred young genomic bull remains Willsbro Abbott at +3.35 TM, good enough for 6th place among the young genomic group.

Holstein daughter proven sires
Mountfield Mogul remains the top UK daughter proven bull with +3.06 TM whilst Regancrest Bradnick moves up into second at +2.80. Willsbro Ash is still the top UK bred bull with an improved score since August of +2.49 TM.

Pen-Col Merrick (Mogul x Man-O-Man) is the new leader among the UK and International proven sires with +3.19 TM with the previous leader, Sonnek Golddust (Gold Chip x Damion) now second at +3.15 TM. Croteau Lesperron Unix (Numero Uno x Domain) is newly proven with international daughters and scores +3.08TM. 

British Friesian
The daughter proven sire, Kirkby Jupiter (Deangate Centurion x Kirkby Emperor) holds on to top spot among British Friesians with an improved score of +2.45 TM. Another proven bull, Nerewater Launcher (Blackisle Glenalbyn x Fintalex Norman) is the second best at +1.76 TM.

Aintree Patrick (Blackisle Garve x Blackisle Glenalbyn) remains the top young genomic Friesian bull with +1.67 TM.