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Holstein sire Seagull-Bay Supersire-ET tops the rankings this August 2017 proof run as the new UK number one daughter proven sire for milk, fat, and protein. Delivering 1290kg milk, 45.9kg fat and 37.1 protein, the bull ranks highly for PLI at £571 and offers a semen conception rate (SCR) of +1.6. 

Seagull-Bay Supersire

According to Mike Halliwell, Business Development Manager at World Wide Sires, Super sire has quickly made a name for himself as one of the breed’s elite bulls. “From genomic sensation to daughter proven success, this Robust son has become a modern legend. Out of the great Planet daughter Ammon-Peachey Shauna-ET (EX-90 GMD DOM), Supersire transmits the same outstanding production as his maternal line.”

In addition, World Wide Sires adds 16 new daughter proven and genomic young sires to their UK and Northern Ireland genetic portfolio this August proof run. Seven of these are new genomic bulls proffering over £700 PLI. “These bulls deliver functional type while still driving profitability with their high production and impressive fertility and leading the way for our elite genomic young sires is S.S.I Modesty Marquee.” says Mr Halliwell. 

A sexed only bull with a PLI of £785 Marquee offers an impressive fertility score of 12.7 FI coupled with 958kg milk and 61.7kg combined fat and protein. The bull sires moderate sized daughters with desirable slope to the rump and adequate teat length.  From the same cow family as Jedi, Marquee is backed by eight generations of VG and EX dams, including S-S-I Supersire Miri 8679-ET VG-89, Roylane Shot Mindy 2079-ET VG-86 and the notable Seagull-Bay Oman Mirror VG-86-DOM. 

Elite genomic sire Claynook Casper also joins the WWS stable with a fertility score of 13.4 FI. With a PLI of £771, Casper is sired by fellow WWS genomic young sire Hang-Time, and out of a Bombero dam who traces back to Regancrest S Chassity-ET EX-92 and the influential brood cow, Regancrest-PR Barbie-ET EX-92. Casper sires daughters that are slightly taller in stature with excellent feet and legs and locomotion.  The bull offers impressive production with 771kg milk and outstanding combined fat and protein of 58.6kg.

According to Mr Halliwell, breeders looking for a complete package need look no further than OCD Anchorman Lamber. Offering PLI of £732, this sire boasts a massive combined fat and protein of 70kg. Anchorman son Lamber is from a VG-85 Supersire dam who traces back to the Laurie Sheik cow family in Canada. He combines extreme production 894kg milk and functional type of +2.22 to sire moderate sized daughters. 

Three other notable additions to the WWS line up this proof run highlighted by Mr Halliwell are Doppler, Griff and Rambo.

Scientific Doppler *RC is a red carrier Hang-Time son from Cambria Rae, a VG-86 Doorman from the famous Scientific Debutante Rae.  Third dam is an EX-94 Sanchez sister to Defiant. Doppler combines high type +2.33 with impressive production 713kg milk. “He is an A2A2 sire and will be a great complement to the Apple bloodlines” Mr Halliwell comments. 

For breeders looking for positive teat length, Welcome Silver Griff scores +1.31 for teat length and sires moderate framed cows with great udders. From a VG-86 Supersire dam, Griff is a well-balanced bull with extreme fat at 42.9kg and A2A2 milk. 

OCD Kingboy Rambo is another A2A2 production bull who joins the line up with a very balanced linear, great fertility at 8.6 FI, and positive lifespan index. Available sexed and conventional, this elite GTPI Kingboy son is out of a VG-85 Numero Uno dam that traces back to the Planet Sapphire cow family at Sandy-Valley Farms, USA.  Rambo offers a type score of 2.31, production of 491kg milk and positive components.  “This bull will most certainly have a great impact” adds Mr Halliwell.

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