12 Dec 2016

World Wide Sires…… the home of the Proven Performers 

Sometimes its all about reliability……. Proven By Design …..Not Chance

Mogul and Supersire continue to lead the way….
Topping the UK December proofs for World Wide Sires.                                                                                         

Their UK milking daughters now contributing further to their status as the providers of the ideal modern dairy cow.
Production, Management and Type are all available in abundance from these two Global Leaders. but the drama continues to unfold with their sons joining the supporting cast. 

Seagull-Bay Supersire ....For Solid  production..
UK No1 Fat Kgs (41.1),
UK No1 Prtn Kgs(33.1)
Total Solids 74.2 Kgs.
UK No 2 PLI, £615

Supersire a proven leader at £615 PLI ….a gain of £66 making him the UKs No 2 PLI sire, he also ranks No 2 Milk 1049 Kgs, combined with a desirable linear for many,       in the areas of rump, teat length and position, whilst providing moderate sized cows. 

MOGUL MAGIC…………Like Father.. Like Sons

Mountfield SSI DCY Mogul   …… The UKs No 1 proven sire ticks every conformation box….   With his UK proof
No 1 Type, 3.00 ,
No 1 Mammary, 2.73
No 1 Feet and Legs, 2.72
Further UK milking daughters continue to add to Moguls proof which also sees an improvement in F% (+0.11) from 473 Kgs Milk, the farmer likeability looks set to continue as more and more of the country’s dairy farmers experience the Mogul effect.

Mogul daughter, Sandy Valley Mogul Amber

The Sons
S-S-I Mogul Defender … keeps his high ranking Type Merit status on the Proven Available listings, at 3.51 TM, 3.10 Mammary with positive management and milk quality……however he is pushed off the top spot for Mammary by another Mogul son …………Siemmers Mogul Pety (Mogul x Explode x Mac).

Pety has a proof that shows great balance offering Production, 570 Kgs, Positive Management traits for Life Span, Fertility and calving ease, with outstanding Type, from a very desirable linear.
No1 Mammary 3.44,
No 2 TM 3.43, 
Feet & Legs 1.92. 570Kgs Milk, +0.5 Lifespan, +4.1 FI.

Pety daughter, Plain Knoll Petty 419