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23 Jun 2016

Register with 5 Digit Line Numbers

We are excited to announce that our systems are now accepting 5 digit Line Numbers. We’ve acted on member feedback to enhance the web registrations and developed additional functionality to include the numbers that are commonly used in ear tags.

Team Holstein UK Flies The Flag For British Genetics

Holstein UK’s 15-strong team of cows have crossed the English Channel to showcase the best of UK Holstein genetics in Europe.

16 Jun 2016

NEW: A £568 PLI Sexed Bull – Only £22.50

LEVIS (Mardi Gras x Epic x Thelo) comes with a faultless linear and a solid £568 for PLI!

14 Jun 2016

New company to sell dairy and beef semen direct from the stud

A new company specialising in marketing dairy and beef semen has been launched, promising to shorten the supply chain by selling bulls direct from the stud and offering breeders the chance to profit from their own top genetic bulls.

13 Jun 2016

Drew Sloan Joins Semex As Director, International Sales & Business Development

Semex believes that people are the cornerstone of its success and is pleased to announce the hiring of Drew Sloan as Director, International Sales & Business Development. Based in the UK and effective August 24, 2016, Drew will manage European and other key markets.