10 Aug 2016

Semex Sires Take Gold, Silver & Bronze in Latest Proof Run

Setting the pace in the latest UK proof-run from Semex are three new genomic sires at the top of the Type rankings and one new entrant from the company topping the genomic PLI list. All in all after this proof round the firm has six of the top 10 sires on the genomic Type listings, including the top four. It also has 11 of the top 25 genomic young bulls for Type, plus the top sire on genomic PLI and the highest new entrant on the UK proven PLI listings.

09 Aug 2016

New Arrangement Brings Outstanding Genetics to the UK

Cogent Breeding has announced an exclusive relationship with Illinois-based Jetstream Genetics LLC which will give UK farmers access to some of the very top genetics available globally.

09 Aug 2016

West Midlands HYB Weekend Rally

This year’s West Midlands HYB Weekend Rally will be taking place on Friday 19th – Sunday 21st August at Hartpury College.

09 Aug 2016

Genus ABS Acquires International Phenomenon, DG Charley

Genus ABS has finalised the acquisition of world famous sire DG Charley from the elite genetics supplier Diamond Genetics from the Netherlands.

09 Aug 2016 Offers Erdman the NO 1 PLI Daughter Proven @ £10.95

More information to follow on other bulls but we are delighted to be able to offer UK farmers the opportunity to purchase the No 1 PLI Bull @ £10.95. Discounts will apply for orders of 50 straws plus.