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05 Apr 2016

Latest proof run nets five No. 1 spots for Semex sires

In the latest proof run Semex has once again secured the No.1 pole positions across five of the major proof categories of UK-Proven PLI, UK-Proven Type, UK & International Proven PLI, Genomic PLI and Genomic Type.

05 Apr 2016

New Holstein indexes highlight most economic bulls

New genetic indexes for daughter-proven Holstein bulls, published today (5 April) by AHDB Dairy, reflect the continuing trend towards percentage fat required for many milk contracts, which also forms an important element of the UK’s main national breeding goal, Profitable Lifetime Index (£PLI).

05 Apr 2016

Shake up amongst young sires brings new names to the top

For many in the Holstein breeding industry, young genomic sires represent the most eagerly awaited bloodlines, and this month’s index run, published today (5 April) by AHDB Dairy, will generate particularly keen interest.

05 Apr 2016

Asterix makes history with unbeaten classification

One of the most influential sires to have been born and bred in Britain, Woodmarsh Asterix, has set a new record for excellence after being classified EX97.

04 Apr 2016

Wednesday 6th April - Spring is here

This Wednesday evening will see this years Western Spring Show judged by Garry Hurley of Clonpaddin Holsteins, Ireland.